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  1. The Waray Wikipedia is the Waray language edition of Wikipedia. It is hosted on servers run by the Wikimedia Foundation since 25 September 2005. [1] As of August 6, 2022, this edition has 1,265,918 articles [2] and is the 15th largest Wikipedia edition. [3]

    • 25 September 2005; 16 years ago
    • Miami, Florida
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    Waray Waray may refer to: Waray people of the Philippines Waray language, the fifth most spoken native language of the Philippines, spoken by the Waray people Waray literature Warray language, an Australian language spoken in the Adelaide River area of the Northern Territory

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  4. The Waray Wikipedia is the Waray language edition of Wikipedia. This edition started on September 25, 2005. [2] As of January 2021, it is the 11th-largest language edition of Wikipedia. [3] It has over 1,266,000 articles. [4] [5] References [ change | change source] ↑ "Waray Wikipedia hits 1 million articles". Yahoo News Philippines. 2014-06-10.

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    History [ edit] The Warays are descendants of Austronesian-speaking seafarers who settled the Philippine archipelago beginning in the Iron Age . In 1521, the Warays of the east coast of Samar, who called themselves Ibabaonon, were the first Filipinos to be sighted by Europeans under the leadership of Ferdinand Magellan.

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    Waray is an Austronesian language and the fifth-most-spoken native regional language of the Philippines, native to Eastern Visayas. It is the native language of the Waray people and second language of the Abaknon people of Capul, Northern Samar, and some Cebuano-speaking peoples of western and southern parts of Leyte island. It is the third most sp...

    The term Waray comes from the word often heard by non-speakers meaning "none" or "nothing" in the language; similarly, Cebuanos are known in Leyte as "mga Kana" and their language as "Kana". The Cebuano pronunciation of Waray is "walay" with the same meaning, whereas the Waray pronunciation of Kana is "kan-o" meaning "that, when" with both language...

    Linguist Jason Lobel considers there are 25 dialects and subdialects of Waray-Waray. 1. Tacloban: "standard" dialect: the dialect used in television and radio broadcasts and in education 2. Abuyog, Leyte: heavy Cebuano influence 3. Culaba, Biliran: heavy Cebuano influence 4. Catbalogan: "original" dialect: Pure Waray, central part of Samar Island 5...

    Waray is one of the many regional languages found in the Philippines and used in local government. It is widely used in media particularly in television and radio broadcasts, however, not in print media because most regional newspapers are published in English. The language is used in education from kindergarten to primary level as part of the Phil...

    • 3.6 million (2015 census)
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  6. Waray language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Waray language Wáray-Wáray or Warai (commonly spelled as Waray; also Winaray or Lineyte-Samarnon) is a language spoken in the provinces of Samar, Leyte, and Biliran in the Philippines . The Waraynon group of languages consists of Waray, Waray Sorsogon and Masbate Sorsogon.

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