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  1. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - Wikipediaácio_Lula_da_Silva

    20 hours ago · Luiz Inácio da Silva was born on 27 October 1945 (registered with a date of birth of 6 October 1945) in Caetés (then a district of Garanhuns), located 250 km (150 miles) from Recife, capital of Pernambuco, a state in the Northeast of Brazil. He was the seventh of eight children of Aristides Inácio da Silva and Eurídice Ferreira de Melo.

  2. Three Secrets of Fátima - Wikipediaátima

    1 day ago · The Three Secrets of Fátima consist of a series of apocalyptic visions and prophecies which were purportedly given to three young Portuguese shepherds, Lúcia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, by a Marian apparition, starting on 13 May 1917.

  3. Maria Leopoldina of Austria - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Leopoldina was born on 22 January 1797 in Vienna, Archduchy of Austria.She was given the name Caroline Josepha Leopoldine Franziska Ferdinanda, according to her biographer Carlos H. Oberacker, and confirmed by Bettina Kann in her work "Cartas de uma Imperatriz", who mentioned a contemporary source: the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung of 25 January 1797, who gave the news of the birth of the ...

  4. Anthony of Padua - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · Anthony died on the way back to Padua on 13 June 1231 at the Poor Clare monastery at Arcella (now part of Padua), at the age of 35. According to his request, Anthony was buried in the small church of Santa Maria Mater Domini (probably dating from the

    • 30 May 1232
    • 13 June 1231 (aged 35), Padua, Italy
  5. Aureliano Cândido Tavares Bastos - Wikipediaândido_Tavares...

    20 hours ago · In 1874 Tavares Bastos travelled to Europe due to his poor health. He died from pneumonia on () 3 December 1875. His body was buried in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he lived much of his life, on 2 May 1876. Rio's Tavares Bastos favela is named after him. Views. Tavares Bastos was a supporter of liberalism.

    • Politician, writer, journalist
    • 3 December 1875 (aged 36), Nice, France
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