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  1. Wenceslaus II, Duke of Opava - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Opava

    Duke Wenceslaus II of Opava (also known as Wenceslaus of Głubczyce; Czech: Václav II. Opavský; c. 1397 – between 1445 and 1447) was a member of the Opavian branch of the Přemyslid dynasty. He was Duke of Opava from 1433 until his death. From 1435 until his death, he was also Duke of Głubczyce and Lord of Fulnek .

    • c. 1397
    • Anna of Lutz
  2. Wenceslaus II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Wenceslaus II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor (also known as Wenceslaus I of Ratibor and Krnov; Czech: Václav IV. Ratibořský; c. 1405 – 29 October 1456) was a member of the Opavian branch of the Přemyslid dynasty.

    • c.  1405
    • Church of the Dominican monastery at Ratibor.
  3. Duke Wenceslaus II of Opava-Ratibor (c.1405 - 1456) - Genealogy

    Wenceslaus II Duke of Opava-Ratibor, also known as Wenceslaus I of Ratibor and Krnov (c.1405–1456) was a member of the Opavian branch of the Přemyslid dynasty. He was Duke of Ratibor and Kronov jointly with his brother Nicholas V from 1424 to 1437 and the sole Duke of Ratibor from 1437 until his death. Wikipedia EN

  4. duke John "the Iron" of Opava-Ratibor, II (1365 - 1424 ...

    Son of Jan I. Ratibořský, kníže and Anna Zaháňská Husband of princess Helena Korybut Father of Duke Wenceslaus II of Opava-Ratibor; Mikołaj V karniowski of Opava-Ratibor and Margarita Racyborska Brother of Mikuláš IV. z Bruntálu, kníže and Małgorzata raciborska Markéta Ratibořska. Managed by: Filip Jakub Łajszczak: Last Updated: today

  5. Wenceslaus II of Bohemia : definition of Wenceslaus II of ... II of Bohemia/en-en

    Wenceslaus II is considered as one of the most important Czech Kings. He built a great empire stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Danube river and established numerous cities, such as Plzeň in 1295.

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    Wenceslaus II, Duke of Opava; Przemko II, Duke of Opava; Nicholas IV, Duke of Opava; Child: ... Duke of Opava" This category contains only the following file.

  7. Duchy of Troppau - Hyperleap

    Only the Duchy of Teschen, the Duchy of Troppau and the Duchy of Nysa remained under the control of the Bohemian crown and as such were known as the Duchy of Upper and Lower Silesia until 1918. It was capital of the Silesian, Bohemian and finally Austrian Duchy of Opava. He also bears the titles Duke of Troppau and Jägerndorf, and Count Rietberg.

  8. Přemek I, Duke of Opava - Wikipediařemek_I,_Duke_of_Opava

    Wenceslaus II (d. 1446), Duke of Głubczyce, married around 1420 by Elizabeth of Kravař Nicholas IV (d. 1437), Duke of Opava and Lord of Zlaté Hory Agnes (died c. 1440 ), married firstly John of Kravař, and second George of Sternberg

  9. wenceslaus iii adam duke of cieszyn : définition de ...

    In his will, Duke Casimir II leave his Duchy to his grandson under the regency of his mother Anna and the Bohemian magnate Jan, Baron of Pernštejn and Count of Kłodzko, called "The Rich". During...

  10. nicholas i duke of troppau : définition de nicholas i duke of ...

    As his half-brother Wenceslaus II was designated to succeed his father on the Bohemian throne, Nicholas in compensation received Troppau, then a part of the Moravian march. He supported his father...