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  1. Ferdinand I of Austria - Wikipedia

    15 hours ago · Ferdinand I (German: Ferdinand I. 19 April 1793 – 29 June 1875) was the Emperor of Austria from 1835 until his abdication in 1848. As ruler of Austria, he was also President of the German Confederation, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia (as Ferdinand V), King of Lombardy–Venetia and holder of many other lesser titles (see grand title of the Emperor of Austria).

  2. Charles I of Hungary - Wikipedia

    15 hours ago · Wenceslaus who had succeeded his father in Bohemia renounced his claim to Hungary in favor of Otto III, Duke of Bavaria on 9 October 1305. [39] Otto was crowned with the Holy Crown in Székesfehérvár on 6 December 1305 by Benedict Rád , Bishop of Veszprém , and Anton, Bishop of Csanád .

  3. List of German monarchs - The Royal Forums

    1 day ago · Louis the Child (Ludwig IV. das Kind) 21 January 900 — 20/24 September 911 Son of Arnulf of Carinthia. Conradines Conrad I (Konrad I.) 10 November 911—23 December 918