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    The Western Zhou (Chinese: 西周; pinyin: Xīzhōu; c. 1045 BC – 771 BC) was the first half of the Zhou dynasty of ancient China.It began when King Wu of Zhou overthrew the Shang dynasty at the Battle of Muye and ended when the Quanrong nomads sacked its capital Haojing and killed King You of Zhou in 771 BC.

  2. Western Han Xin Eastern Han: Three Kingdoms 220–280 Wei, Shu and Wu: Jin 266–420 Western Jin Eastern Jin: Sixteen Kingdoms: Northern and Southern dynasties 420–589 Sui 581–618 Tang 618–907 Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 907–979 Liao 916–1125 Western Xia 1038–1227 Jin 1115–1234 Song 960–1279 Northern Song Southern Song

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  4. Zhang Liang (c. 251 BC – 186 BC), courtesy name Zifang, was a Chinese military strategist and politician who lived in the early Western Han dynasty. He is also known as one of the "Three Heroes of the early Han dynasty" (漢初三傑), along with Han Xin (韓信) and Xiao He. Zhang Liang contributed greatly to the establishment of the Han ...

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    Wei (/ w eɪ /), known in historiography as the Western Wei (Chinese: 西魏; pinyin: Xī Wèi), was an imperial dynasty of China that followed the disintegration of the Northern Wei. One of the Northern dynasties during the era of the Northern and Southern dynasties , it ruled the western part of northern China from 535 to 557.

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    Zhou attempted to respond to the PVA's logistical concerns by increasing Chinese production and improving supply methods, but these efforts were never sufficient. At the same time, large-scale air defense training programs were carried out, and the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) began participating in the war from September 1951 ...

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    Zhou Dunyi (Chinese: 周敦頤; Wade–Giles: Chou Tun-i; 1017–1073) was a Chinese cosmologist, philosopher, and writer during the Song dynasty. He conceptualized the Neo-Confucian cosmology of the day, explaining the relationship between human conduct and universal forces.

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