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  1. What a Girl Wants (Christina Aguilera song) - Wikipedia

    Jan 15, 2021 · "What a Girl Wants" is a teen pop-R&B track with some similarities to her debut single "Genie in a Bottle". Written in the key of C major , the track begins with the lyrics "What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes me happy sets you free" and is set at a tempo 142 beats per minute.

    • "Too Beautiful for Words", "We're a Miracle", "Genio Atrapado", "Christina Aguilera Medley"
    • November 28, 1999
    • 1998 (album version), September 1999 (re-recorded version)
    • Teen pop, R&B
  2. Chart Rewind: 'What a Girl Wants' Won Christina Aguilera Her ...

    Jan 15, 2021 · What a girl wants, what a girl needs What a girl wants, what a girl needs Yeah, c’mon Ooh, oh yeah, oh yeah I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe Like a rock, you waited so patiently

    • What a Girl Wants (2003) Official Trailer - Amanda Bynes Movie
    • Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants (Official Video)
    • Theatrical Trailer #2
    • What a Girl Wants (Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth) - TV Spot/Movie Trailer - 2003
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