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    • It's hard to tell if your baby has dengue, but these are common signs:

      • Fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius or higher) OR a low temperature (less than 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius)
      • Unusual fussiness, sleepiness, or refusing to eat
      • Rash's hard to tell if your baby has,fussiness, sleepiness, or refusing to eat 3 Rash
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    Jul 08, 2017 · Dengue virus rarely causes death. However, the infection can progress into a more serious condition known as severe dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever include:...

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    Apr 23, 2020 · There is no specific treatment for dengue. However, timely detection of cases, identifying any warning signs of severe cases of dengue, and appropriate early case management are key elements of care to prevent deaths due to dengue. A delay in seeking medical care in severe dengue cases is often related to deaths from dengue virus disease.

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