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  1. What is Microsoft worst operating system? Windows 8, which released in 2012, is the worst Windows OS that’s still fresh in some people’s minds. Let’s review why Windows 8 got so much hate. For most people, the biggest problem with Windows 8 was that it changed so much for no reason.

  2. Disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro operating system. In terms of monetary cost, Windows 10 Pro, is of course, superior to the Home edition; very close to doubling the price. The security functions can be emulated by third-party programs, so it is preferable to have the Home edition, and install what is necessary to increase the security of the data.

  3. Advantages of using Windows: Ease of use. Users familiar with earlier versions of Windows will probably also find the more modern ones easy to work with. Available software. Backwards compatibility. Support for new hardware. Plug & Play. Games. Compatibility with MS driven websites.

  4. Disadvantages of Windows 11 Operating System. Due to the large number of improvements and effects, it is a version that requires large hardware resources; you can hardly run it on computers with low memory and processor. Despite the big changes in the interface, and the new design of the taskbar; some functions were limited, which could be used ...

  5. May 26, 2022 · Advantages of Windows 11. Windows 11 comes with a more beautiful interface, more exquisite typesetting, and better control, It fixed the word-of-mouth problem of “ Windows 10 is just rubbish”, It fixed the bug that the version number was too low, A lot of “optimization options” have been added, and a lot of optimizations have indeed ...

  6. Disadvantages. Disadvantages are as follows: High Resource Requirements: By comparison, Microsoft wants its consumers to spend the most in their computer hardware, as compared to the manufacturers of other systems: faster processor (CPU), more internal memory, and a larger disk.

  7. A lot of the issues however have to do with various software manufacturers not ensuring their software is Windows 10 compatible. This isn’t Microsoft’s fault directly, but for users it can be beyond frustrating. There are both advantages and disadvantages to a Windows 10 upgrade if your system is running Windows 10 or older right now.

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