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    • KathmanduKathmandu
      • Nepal has been declared as a secular state. All religions have been treated equally. No religion is smaller or bigger. The main religions are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.There is religious harmony in Nepal. It is the most followed religion in Nepal and also the oldest religion in the world.
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    1 day ago · Tantra ( / ˈtæntrə /; Sanskrit: तन्त्र, lit. 'loom, weave, warp') are the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that developed in India from the middle of the 1st millennium CE onwards. [1]

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    1 day ago · v. t. e. Hindus ( Hindustani: [ˈɦɪndu] ( listen); / ˈhɪnduːz, hɪndʊz /) are people who religiously adhere to Hinduism. [64] [65] Historically, the term has also been used as a geographical, cultural, and later religious identifier for people living in the Indian subcontinent. [66] [67] The term "Hindu" traces back to Old Persian which ...

    • 18,000,000–27,000,000
    • 4,646,357–18,000,000
    • 1,206,000,000
    • 28,600,000
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    1 day ago · It consists of the Vidyapitha and Kulamārga. The pantheon of goddesses in Shaktism grew after the decline of Buddhism in India, wherein Hindu and Buddhist goddesses were combined to form the Mahavidya, a list of ten goddesses. [9]

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    1 day ago · It is an important major Nepal-wide festival along with Dashain and Tihar . It is celebrated in the Nepali month of Falgun (Terai region celebrates on the same date as Indian Holi, while rest of the country celebrates it a day earlier), and signifies the legends of the Hindu god Krishna. [98]

  7. 1 day ago · [1] [2] Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world behind Christianity (31.5%) and Islam (23.3%). [3] Most Hindus are found in Asian countries, and the majority of India and Nepal are Hindus.

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