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  1. Deutsch: 4000 German Words by Frequency - AnkiWeb

    Good deck, which I have enjoyed, but I would not recommend it for a beginner. While the fact that the deck has the most common German words in order should make it ideal for a beginner, the sentences they are embedded in are often very complex and occasionally use unusual vocabulary, which severely reduces its approachability.

  2. Learn German: Introduction to German - The German Project

    Some common slang and expressions to make your German sound more natural Meet Jens: Your German language tour guide introductions, personal pronouns, formal vs informal address, and the important verb "to be"

  3. Vocabulary Flashcards Vocabulary Lists Word Bank Word of the Day German Dictionary 100 Most Common Words 2000 Most Common Words German Key ... ...

  4. 30 Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary Immediately.

    Jul 30, 2020 · German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union. It is also the most peculiar. That's the first thing german speakers will tell you about it. Its fearsome grammar, tediously long words, and aggressive store names and titles are all what set German apart and what gives German learners and expats migraines.

  5. 5 interesting facts about the German language - ActiLingua ...

    German and English have more in common than you might think. Words like “Kindergarten” or “Strudel” for example, mean the same in English and German. But there are some words that are a bit tricky. Those words are called false friends: words that are similar in the German and English language, but mean something different.

  6. Konjunktionen – Deutsch 101-326

    als ob/als wenn/als: as if. Als ob is the most common of the three. Since they describe conjectures or contrary to fact conditions, these are usually used with Subjunctive II. Note: when als is used in this sense, the conjugated verb is in position 2, not in final position.

  7. Which Language Has The Most Words? - WorldAtlas

    Mar 25, 2020 · Compound words are made of two or more words which sound like one, and therefore it can be counted as one or two words. In some languages, long words are built from short words, for instance, the German language. English As A Language With The Most Words. English is considered the language with the most words.

  8. Basic German: "How Are You?" - dummies

    By Wendy Foster, Paulina Christensen, Anne Fox . Getting your hellos and goodbyes straight in German is a matter of keeping in mind how well you know someone. If you’re on formal terms — in other words, if you’re addressing one or more people with Sie (zee) (you, formal) — then you have one set of expressions.

  9. Nov 14, 2020 · "Ope" is a term that often replaces words like "oops" or "darnit." As a native Ohioan, I can attest that this word is uttered with absurd frequency throughout the Midwest. It's normally followed by a string of the most polite apologies you've ever heard. After all, we are the most well-mannered section of the country.

  10. Nov 14, 2020 · Stepping up as King of Konglish reaps many benefits! Konglish Words. Let’s get our feet wet by going through the most commonly used Konglish vocabulary words. Then we’ll go to the full list. 80/20 Konglish Word List. Now we’re going to cover some of the most frequently used Konglish words.

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