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      • The most popular names in Italy for 2021 are Sofia and Leonardo. Along with Sofia, other popular Italian girl names include Aurora, Giulia, Ginevra, and Beatrice. Along with Leonardo, other popular Italian boy names include Alessandro, Tommaso, Francesco, and Lorenzo.
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  2. Mar 8, 2023 · Another common Italian name is Lorenzo, the Italian variation of Laurence. As of 2019, Lorenzo sits within the Top 150 boy names at #146. Similar to Leonardo, despite it being a primarily Spanish and Italian name, Lorenzo has made the transition into the American stockpot of names.

  3. Here are the most popular Italian names for your baby boy or girl. If you want to honor your Italian heritage, consider these traditional names from Italy.

    • Enzo — Italian version of Henry, “estate ruler”
    • Elio — Sun
    • Luca — Italian variation of Luke and Lucas, “man from Lucania”
    • Matteo — Italian version of Matthew, “gift of God”
  4. Mar 10, 2023 · The top 10 girl names in Italy in 2020, the most recent year counted, include Sofia, Giulia, Aurora, Ginevra, Alice, Beatrice, Emma, Giorgia, Vittoria and Matilde. Top 5 Italian Girl Names In The U.S. "The top Italian names for girls in the U.S. are Sophia, though Sofia is the Italian variation, Isabella, and Mia," Redmond explains.

  5. A version of the Hebrew name Hannah,.. "priceless." Cleopatra's lover, Marcus A.. A variation of the name Arthur, which .. "brown-haired." Notable people with this.. A variation upon the Latin name Camille,.. Italian form of the English name Cha.. A very popular Italian name, it is Hebre..

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