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  1. What are the symptoms of cholera?

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      • Symptoms of cholera infection can include: Diarrhea. Cholera-related diarrhea comes on suddenly and can quickly cause dangerous fluid loss — as much as a quart (about 1 liter) an hour. Diarrhea due to cholera often has a pale, milky appearance that resembles water in which rice has been rinsed. Nausea and vomiting....
      • Out of the people who do develop symptoms, about 80 percent only experience a mild form of the disease. The other 20 percent of people with cholera symptoms experience severe diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramps. Other symptoms of cholera include: Dry skin, dry mucous membrane (such as inside the nose or eyelids), and dr...
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  3. Cholera - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · The primary symptoms of cholera are profuse diarrhea and vomiting of clear fluid. These symptoms usually start suddenly, half a day to five days after ingestion of the bacteria. The diarrhea is frequently described as "rice water" in nature and may have a fishy odor.

  4. 17 Diseases That Water Pollution Can Cause | New Health Advisor
    • Cholera. Bacteria called ‘vibrio chlorae’ cause a small intestinal disease known as cholera. Symptoms of cholera include diarrhea and vomiting, as well as abdominal cramps and headache.
    • Amoebiasis (Traveller’s Diarrhea) One of the most common diseases caused by water pollution is amoebiasis. Water contaminated by amoeba can cause infection to the large intestine as well as the liver.
    • Dysentery. Dysentery causes fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and severe diarrhea with blood and mucus. You may also have symptoms of mild illness such as mild stomach pain and diarrhea.
    • Diarrhea. Infectious diarrhea is one of the most common diseases caused by water pollution. It causes frequent passage of loose, water stools that can cause dehydration and death to young children and infants.
  5. Diseases and epidemics of the 19th century - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Cholera is transmitted primarily by drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated by the cholera bacterium. The bacteria multiply in the small intestine; [13] the feces (waste product) of an infected person, including one with no apparent symptoms, can pass on the disease if it contacts the water supply by any means.

  6. Haitian Activists Blame the United Nations For Cholera ...

    4 days ago · Cholera became a major concern in Haiti in October 2010, derived from the poor handling of wastewater at a UN camp housing soldiers from Nepal. Due to the country’s inadequate sanitary conditions and lack of medical facilities, the disease quickly spread throughout Haiti and, as of today, it have killed over 10,000 persons.

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    2 days ago · What are the Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis? Weight loss and loss of appetite; Weakness and fatigue; Jaundice; Accumulation of water in abdominal cavity called Ascites; Encephalopathy; Bleeding in the esophagus due to backlog/ pooling of blood. Also called esophageal varices; Redness of the palm. Duputryen's contracture. Clubbing of the fingers

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    5 days ago · Early signs and symptoms: Because the Ebola virus is a severe acute viral illness, individuals may begin to exhibit symptoms such as the sudden onset of fever, general weakness, muscle pain, chills, headaches and sore throat. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that such nonspecific early symptoms can be easily misdiagnosed as the signs of other life threatening diseases such as malaria, shigellosis, cholera, leptospirosis, rickettsiosis, relapsing fever, hepatitis, typhoid fever ...

  10. Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Health and Science ...

    6 days ago · The symptoms appear usually 8-10 days after virus exposure, but as early as 2 days and as late as 21 days after exposure. symptoms usually start with “dry” symptoms initially (such as fever, aches and pains, and fatigue), and then progress to “wet” symptoms (such as diarrhea and vomiting) as the person becomes sicker.

  11. Great Barrington Declaration - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Taking its name from John Snow, the epidemiologist who worked on the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak, it states that the herd immunity idea is "a dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence".

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    5 days ago · Symptomatic definition: If something is symptomatic of something else, especially something bad , it is a sign of... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples