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    • How to Read Betting Odds |
      • Odds represent the likelihood of an outcome. In sports betting, each team is assigned odds — assigned by a sportsbook — that represent the likelihood of its winning the game. In a betting line between two teams, the team expected to win is called the favorite. The team expected to lose the game is called the underdog.
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  2. Oct 25, 2021 · We have chosen to mainly focus on US style lines for this “betting odds explained” page. 9 to 2 odds are fractional. It tells you that for every $2 you stake, you would earn a $9 profit. A ...

  3. 4 days ago · What Does -110 Mean Next to the Spread? You can read more about how to read American odds, but the number next to the spread is the juice associated with that bet. Most spread bets will be -110, so the sportsbook takes a 10% cut. That means for every $1 you want to win, you have to risk $1.10.

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  4. Oct 24, 2021 · Want college football odds? Find 24 October, 2021 betting odds. Compare spreads & lines from the best sportsbooks for each game this NCAAF season.

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