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  1. May 09, 2008 · At bartending school we were explicitly told, up, neat, straight and straight up all mean the same thing. Warm shot right out of the bottle. Although “straight up” was used to refer to cocktails that are mixed with ice then strained into a chilled glass.

  2. Oct 11, 2021 · what does holding up 3 fingers mean? (like the ok sign, but holding it to the side in front of you) thanks! Source(s): meaning people holding fingers pictures: https://tr. Whereas most hand-to-mouth gestures involve lying or deception, the fingers-in-mouth gesture is an outward manifestation of an inner need for reassurance.

  3. Oct 11, 2021 · Why does rappers throwing up 4 fingers mean

  4. The likes of Tom Hardy, Ella Henderson, Russell Brand, Louisa Johnson and Kristen Bell are among the celebs who’ve been posting Insta selfies holding up four fingers to raise awareness that it Why Does Rappers Throwing Up 4 Fingers Mean The first sign is the pitch and the second sign is the location.

  5. Oct 13, 2021 · What does holding up 4 fingers mean. The “fingers prostrate themselves forwards and backwards while the palm stays absolutely still with the thumb (possibly the pinky in another variation) sticking out awkwardly to the side” wave. Obama holding a pose for the camera.

  6. Sep 13, 2021 · Is it Neat, Up, or Straight Up?: This is one of the great bar debates. These words describe how a drink is served, and they are often confused with one another. Brush up on the differences, and you'll win the next argument over this one. On the Rocks: "Rocks" refer to ice, so a drink served "on the rocks" is served over ice.

  7. Straight up / up: A drink shaken or stirred then strained and served in a stemmed glass without ice ‍ Strain : The act of pouring a drink after shaking or stirring, often through a strainer but also through the side of a shaker, into a glass

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