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    Pelias wanted to rule over Thessaly; so he banished his brother Neleus and his half-brother Pheres, while he imprisoned his other half-brother Aeson. While imprisoned, Aeson got married and had a number of children, including the famous Jason , whom he managed to disguise and send away, in fear that Pelias might kill him as a rightful heir of ...

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    Pelias was power-hungry and he wished to gain dominion over all of Thessaly. To this end, he banished Neleus and Pherês, and locked Aeson in the dungeons in Iolcus (by the modern city of Volos). While in the dungeons, Aeson married and had several children, most famously, Jason. Aeson sent Jason away from Iolcus in fear that Pelias would have ...

  3. Aeson had been forced by Pelias to drink bull's blood, and was dead before Jason's return; as was also his wife, who had strangled herself for grief. Pelias himself was likew ise dead before the return of the Argonauts, of which his funeral games, celebrated by those heroes, are a convincing proof.

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    Aeson was the son of Cretheus and Tyro. He had two brothers Pheres and Amythaon. Through his mother Tyro who consorted with the sea god Poseidon, he had two half-brothers, Neleus and Pelias. Aeson was the father of Jason and Promachus with Alcimede, daughter of Phylacus and Clymene. Other sources say the mother of his children was (1) Polymede ...

    • circa 1400s BC
    • Pelias
  6. Aeson was the son of Cretheus, the son of Aeolus who had founded the city of Iolcus, and Cretheus’ wife Tyro, the daughter of King Salmoneus. Aeson would have two brothers Pheres and Amythaon, and also two stepbrothers, Neleus and Pelias, born to a brief relationship between Tyro and the god Poseidon.

  7. Pelias, in Greek mythology, a king of Iolcos in Thessaly who imposed on his half-nephew Jason the task of bearing off the Golden Fleece. According to Homer, Pelias and Neleus were twin sons of Tyro (daughter of Salmoneus, founder of Salmonia in Elis) by the sea god Poseidon, who came to her

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