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  1. The General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP) is a General Motors sponsored automotive service-training program leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Students selected for this program must be sponsored by a GM dealership for on-the-job training.

  2. Oct 16, 2019 · In addition, the EL-52545 tool has the ability to service non-GM vehicles, supporting the dealership’s used vehicle department. To see the EL-52545 tool in the service bay, check out the July 2019 edition of the GM Service Know-How Emerging Issues seminar, 10219.07V, on the GM Center of Learning website.

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  4. Lessons General Motors Teaches Us on How To Become Customer ... › articles › customer

    Jul 31, 2017 · In response GM is integrating their customers’ digital life with their vehicle. In connected cars, every time the customer turns the key the car is telling GM something about how the car is performing. That enables GM to offer highly personalized services and targeted discounts.

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  5. Gunner's Mate (GM) - DON COOL › usn › LaDR

    GM CAREER PATH (SW) 1 Revised: December 2019 Gunner's Mate (GM). GMs are responsible for the operation and maintenance of guided missile launching systems, gun mounts and other ordnance equipment, as well as small arms and magazines. They work with elec trical and electronic circuitry and mechanical, hydraulic and pneumati c systems. YEARS OF

  6. Kettering University - Wikipedia › wiki › Kettering_University

    Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute of Technology) is a private university in Flint, Michigan. It offers bachelor's and master's degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and business fields. Kettering University undergraduate students are required to complete at least five co-op terms to graduate.

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  7. The GMC Owner Center is a complimentary website that allows you to: ... GMC is a division of General Motors. ... Learning & Support.

  8. Likewise, because the network tends to include all those the GM depends on, it is hardly surprising to find the GM spending time with many others besides a boss and direct subordinates (pattern 2).

  9. Lean 101 Learning Path | Lean Enterprise Institute › common › display

    Jun 14, 2018 · The joint venture between Toyota and GM known as NUMMI yielded some surprising success stories, including the transformation of GM's worst plant into a world-class manufacturing model. Examining how this transformation took place provides insight into corporate-culture change and lean manufacturing.

  10. Teen Driver: New Safety Technology - GMC Life › gmc-life › technology

    Teen Driver allows GMC owners to program the equipped vehicle key fob to activate the system. The system is designed to encourage good driving habits while behind the wheel, along with providing feedback on their driving performance through an industry-first report card.

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