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  1. THE SHOWBUZZDAILY REVIEW: “The Informant!” | Showbuzz Daily

    In short, Informant is a worthy piece of artwork that wasn’t likely to please a wide audience, and Soderbergh may have been fooling himself if he believed otherwise. Perhaps Soderbergh really does need to get away from Hollywood studios and their world of franchise blockblusters and mainstream marketing.

  2. The Informant - DVD Review - Reel Reviews

    Apr 25, 2010 · Oh, and corn, lots and lots of corn. Left in the hands of a lesser talent, the ingredients in The Informant! could have produced a disaster, but with Steven Soderbergh at the helm the movie's tricky recipe produces a memorable five-star dinner; an experience you'll want to revisit as soon as the last morsel is washed away by a tall glass of water.

  3. Review: The Informant! - Film Comment

    Review: The Informant! By Nicolas Rapold in the September-October 2009 Issue Whistleblower Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) would not be out of place in a Coen Brothers caper­—a bumbling manic-American with an eye on the prize and a silly mustache—but instead he’s the perplexing subject of Steven Soderbergh’s strange new film.

  4. Film Review: The Informant | Flush the Fashion

    The Informant is attempting entry into a crowded field: that of the true-crime drama, where the guns, drugs and truckloads of testosterone guarantee a certain level of audience. However, so ubiquitous are these films, any fresh outing needs to deliver on just about every level in order to stand out – and that’s something Leclercq’s movie ...

  5. The Informant! - Reeling Reviews

    The Informant!” is an amazing story – think “Catch Me If You Can’s” Frank Abagnale, Jr. if he was successful while also living in a fantasyland – yet the film leaves one wishing it had been something more substantial.

  6. 'The Informant!' movie review -

    TV/Film/Movie Times 'The Informant!' movie review. Updated Mar 21, 2019; Posted Sep 18, 2009 . ... has trouble delineating Whitacre's thought process for us in the audience, and an abundance of ...

  7. The Informant · FilmFracture

    Sep 21, 2009 · The Informant! is the mostly true story of an executive turned whistle-blower named Mark Whitacre. Now I say “mostly true” because although the movie is based on actual people and events, the audience is never quite sure of what to believe even as the end credits begin to roll.

  8. The Informant! -

    Sep 18, 2009 · Everything about Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant!” suggests a level of playfulness that the director hasn’t indulged in since “Ocean’s Eleven.” The exclamation point in the title; the kitschy musical score by Marvin Hamlisch (who hasn’t composed for a film in 13 years); the retro-cheesy fonts in the credits; the casting of comedians and other unlikely […]

  9. The Informant! (review) |

    Sep 18, 2009 · Funny Business. Ah, I finally figured out why I’d had it in my head — after seeing trailers and TV ads — that The Informant! was a Coen Brothers movie. Now that I’ve actually seen the movie, danged if the flick don’t feel like the Coens, if it ain’t redolent with the wonderfully odd tang of farce and feeling that they invariably bring to, at least, their lighter films.

  10. All The Movies That Critics And Audiences Can't Agree On

    Apr 25, 2016 · The audience review section is full of 1 star reviews that read “this movie is absolutely hilarious.” This difference in scores for Sharknado is an interesting one, because critics and fans seem to have a fairly similar opinion of the movie at the end of the day.

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