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      • Organ (music) In music, the organ (from Greek ὄργανον organon, "organ, instrument, tool") is a keyboard instrument of one or more pipe divisions or other means for producing tones, each played with its own keyboard, played either with the hands on a keyboard or with the feet using pedals. (music) In music, the organ (from Greek,a keyboard or with the feet using pedals.
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  2. Organ (music) - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Electronic organs and electromechanical organs such as the Hammond organ have an established role in a number of popular-music genres, such as blues, jazz, gospel, and 1960s and 1970s rock music. Electronic and electromechanical organs were originally designed as lower-cost substitutes for pipe organs.

  3. Pipe organ - Wikipedia

    Nov 10, 2020 · The pipe organ is a musical instrument that produces sound by driving pressurized air (called wind) through the organ pipes selected from a keyboard.Because each pipe produces a single pitch, the pipes are provided in sets called ranks, each of which has a common timbre and volume throughout the keyboard compass.

    • Organ, Church organ (used only for Pipe organs in houses of worship)
  4. pipe organ - Wiktionary

    Nov 01, 2020 · pipe organ (plural pipe organs) ( music ) The largest of all musical instruments , played from an organ console which produces its sound by sending air through whistles and/or reeds called organ pipes , by direct mechanical action, or modernly, electrically.

  5. Speech organ definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Nov 17, 2020 · Speech organ definition: an organ involved in speech production , such as the tongue | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  6. Organ vs Piano, Which one's harder? - Classical Music Forums

    5 days ago · With quite a bit of organ music, if the musician is playing a church organ, he has the opportunity to adapt the piece to the instrument, choosing registrations for example. And then there’s the question of the room, the acoustic of the church, to take into account, the delay for the sound to get to the audience, and the effects of reverberation.

  7. Prelude (music) - Wikipedia

    Nov 09, 2020 · Bach's organ preludes are quite diverse, drawing on both southern and northern German influences. Most of Bach's preludes were written in the theme and variation form, using the same theme motif with imitation, inversion, modulation, or retrograde the theme as well as other techniques involved in this baroque form.

  8. Organ grinder definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    5 days ago · Organ grinder definition: An organ grinder was an entertainer who played a barrel organ in the streets. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  9. Pipe definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Nov 16, 2020 · Pipe definition: A pipe is a long, round, hollow object, usually made of metal or plastic, through which a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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