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      • The belief of salivation differs significantly. Orthodox Christians have the concept of deification and purgatory while the Protestants reject both. The Orthodox Christians venerate saints and Icons play an important part in their religious belief framework while the Protestants reject both ideas.
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  2. The difference of Orthodoxy from the Christianity of other confessions is the oriental style of worship. The Orthodox Church has preserved the traditions of oriental pomp, do not play musical instruments during services, it is customary to light candles and set off censer, and put the sign of the cross from right to left with a pinch of fingers and make a half-bow.

  3. Nov 06, 2021 · Orthodox Christianity originated somewhere around the first century, whereas Protestant around the 16th century. Protestants follow the bible as their divine inspiration and the orthodox church holy inspiration of the church along with the bible.

  4. There’s no difference. The Orthodox are a denomination of christianity. If you’re l. Continue Reading. The orthodox are christians, they’re just one of those churches which find their origins in the apostles themselves (i.e: the Oriental orthodox, Eastern orthodox, and Catholics of assorted rites).

  5. On a high level, the difference between Orthodoxy and Western Christianity is Orthodoxy approaches our relationship with God as mystical and ineffable. We believe that the only way to know God through persistent prayer. Western Christianity, as I understand it, relies on human understanding of the Bible.

  6. May 10, 2018 · Christianity was void of denominations up until the 11th century, however as a result of the ‘Great Schism’ the Christian church was divided into the Eastern Church and western church. The western church was the original (Catholic) church while the Eastern Church came to be known as Orthodox Church. The second major division resulted from a Protest in 1529 which the Lutheran princes gave in to the diet of spires and the followers of this sect began to be known as the Protestants (Wylie 1).

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