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  1. THE 10 BEST Sights & Historical Landmarks in Naples - Tripadvisor › Attractions-g187785

    These are the most romantic places for sights & landmarks in Naples: Museo Cappella Sansevero; Oltre I Resti; Galleria Borbonica; Miglio Sacro; Parco Archeologico Pausilypon; See more romantic sights & landmarks in Naples on Tripadvisor

  2. Top 10 things to do in Naples | › en › neapolitanity

    Walk along Spaccanapoli - Unesco World Heritage Site The city of Naples comes alive in all its splendor, chaos and charm on the street colloquially known as Spaccanapoli, or “ Via San Biagio ”. It is the main street that divides Naples and is the heart of the historic center.

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  4. 15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Naples & Easy Day Trips ... › tourist-attractions- › naples-i
    • Lungomare and Castel Ovo. Castel Ovo. Along the waterfront, at the historic gateway to the Mediterranean and the world, you can get a feel for this vibrant city.
    • Cappella Sansevero. A marble sculpture at Cappella Sansevero | David Sivyer / photo modified. The Cappella Sansevero was built in 1590 as the private chapel of the Sansevero family and later became its burial chapel.
    • Catacombs of San Gennaro. Catacombs of San Gennaro | Rosino / photo modified. The second-century Catacombs of San Gennaro, like the Roman catacombs, are a maze of passages and tomb chambers but are more ambitious architecturally and have finer paintings than their Roman counterparts.
    • National Archeological Museum. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale holds one of the world's finest collections of antiquities, many of which were brought here from early excavations of Pompeii.
  5. 15 Fascinating And Thrilling Things To Do In Naples (Italy ... › blog › things-to-do-in-naples
    • Pompeii And Herculaneum – Ancient City Excursion. Pompeii and Herculaneum were two ancient Roman cities that are famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites today.
    • Mount Vesuvius – Volcanic Mountain Climb. Located just 6 miles away from the modern city of Naples is world’s one of the most dangerous volcanoes, Mount Vesuvius.
    • Naples Underground – Explore The Hidden Side. Forty meters below the Historic Centre of Naples is the heart of Naples – Napoli Sotterranea or Naples Underground.
    • Funicular Ride – World’s Longest. If you are a traveler at heart you would know that journies are far more interesting than the destination itself. And what better than traveling within your destination using local transport.
  6. 9 Best Things to Do in Naples, Italy | U.S. News Travel › Naples_Italy › Things_To_Do
    • Free, Neighborhood/Area, Sightseeing. Less than 1 hour.
    • Museums, Sightseeing. 1 to 2 hours. The highlight of the Museo Cappella Sansevero is the "Veiled Christ," a statue created by the Neapolitan artist Giuseppe Sanmartino in 1753.
    • Churches/Religious Sites, Sightseeing. 2 hours to Half Day.
    • Tours, Sightseeing. 1 to 2 hours. The Catacombe di San Gennaro date back to the second century, but they became a pilgrimage site in the fifth century when San Gennaro – the patron saint who lends his name to the catacombs – was laid to rest here.
  7. The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Naples › europe › italy

    Nov 22, 2017 · Vomero. Overlooking downtown Naples, the neighbourhood of Vomero is populated by the city’s middle and upper classes. After dark, most of the area’s bars and restaurants cater for a smarter crowd of partygoer. By day, Vomero’s vintage boutiques, independent stores and big brands offer plenty of variety for shoppers.

  8. 28 Interesting Facts About Naples, Italy (that you probably ... › interesting-facts-about-naples-italy
    • Naples means “New City” The name of the city comes from ancient Greek Νεάπολις, or Neapolis. This literally means New City, and the name has stuck until today.
    • Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy. With a total area of 119 km² (46 square miles), Naples is a huge city. It’s actually the 3rd biggest city in Italy, after Rome and Milan.
    • There are catacombs that dates back from the 3rd century. Under the city of Naples, you’ll find catacombs, old burial sites located below the ground. There are several catacombs: San Gennaro, San Severo and San Gaudioso.
    • The Naples Cathedral was built in the 13th century. The Naples Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Napoli, is the main church in the city. Construction of this magnificent monument started in 1266, and it was finally completed in 1435, 169 years later.
  9. 15 Best Things to Do in the Amalfi Coast (Italy) - The Crazy ... › 15-best-things-amalfi

    The Emerald Cave is a natural phenomenon that is one of the most beautiful caves in the whole of Italy. Located in-between Amalfi and Praiano, the Smeraldo Cave is one of the few caves in the world that is bathed in a natural emerald light. The effect is simply amazing and the colour of the water and the cave itself are gorgeous.

    • Visit the town of Sorrento
      Visit the town of Sorrento
      Sorrento is a town on the northern arm of the Amalfi Coast and is renowned for its beautiful scenery and its range of gorgeous buildings and coastal walks.
    • Admire the pastel coloured houses of Positano
      Admire the pastel coloured houses of Positano
      Positano is often considered to be one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi coast and it is easy to see why when you look at the beautiful coloured houses that lie the mountainside.
    • Take in the gorgeous views from Praiano
      Take in the gorgeous views from Praiano
      Praiano is located in-between Amalfi and Positano and is a less visited town that allows you to escape from the crowds of the other well-known coastal spots.
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