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    What did Shackleton's crew do on the expedition?

    What was the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship?

    Why did shackleton call his new expedition?

    What was shackleton's plan?

  2. Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · The Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914–1917 is considered to be the last major expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.Conceived by Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition was an attempt to make the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent.

  3. Jan 12, 2021 · This book takes the academic and historical information behind the expedition and reinterprets it for a young audience. ... About For Books Shackleton's Journey For ...

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  4. Endurance (1912 ship) - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · After Shackleton purchased the ship, she was rechristened Endurance after the Shackleton family motto, Fortitudine vincimus ("By endurance we conquer"). Shackleton had the ship relocated from Norway to London. She arrived at the Millwall Dock in the spring of 1914, where she was refitted and modified for expedition purposes. She was stripped of ...

  5. Jan 12, 2021 · When their ship was finally crushed between two ice floes, they attempted a near-impossible journey over 850 miles of the South Atlantic's heaviest seas to the closest outpost of civilization.In Endurance, the definitive account of Ernest Shackleton's fateful trip, Alfred Lansing brilliantly narrates the harrowing and miraculous voyage that has ...

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  6. Harry McNish - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Whatever the true story of the rebellion on the ice, neither Worsley nor McNish ever mentioned the incident in writing. Shackleton omitted it entirely from South, his account of the expedition, and referred to it only tangentially in his diary: "Everyone working well except the carpenter. I shall never forget him in this time of strain and stress".

    • Jessie Smith, Ellen Timothy, Lizzie Littlejohn
    • 24 September 1930 (aged 56), Wellington, New Zealand
  7. Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies – Volume 98 ...

    2 days ago · Lovell and his crew were the Shackleton Expedition of their day. If you boil that all down to blogger gravy, it means since the first time I ever participated in a movie blog-a-thon, I’ve been waiting for a chance to do Apollo 13 .

  8. Wings Over Scotland | A fishing expedition – Chill Crow News

    5 days ago · This is such a strange story. Because even though it’s part of a transparent attempt from the Record to deflect

  9. 44. Short Story Club: The Hunter’s Wife by Anthony Doerr and ...

    Jan 12, 2021 · Today in Short Story Club, Chelsey and Sara are discussing “The Hunter’s Wife” by Anthony Doerr. This wintry, atmospheric story is absolutely absorbing and highly discussable. We talk about the beautiful writing, the unique structure, and some problematic aspects of the characters and plot.

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    Spirit healers decide when it's time for a mortal soul to pass into the Shadowlands. When a mortal dies and their soul crosses the veil between life and death, it is shepherded by the kyrian to Oribos so that they can be judged by the impassive Arbiter. All of the soul's contents—deeds, misdeeds, thoughts, accomplishments, and failures—are instantly laid bare before the Arbiter, who then judges in a mere instant and sends the soul off to one of the infinite realms of the Shadowlands, each of which is ruled over by a powerful Covenant. The Covenants are ancient and powerful orders who have existed since the Shadowlands were shaped long ago, and who bear sacred duties to help maintain the afterlife's ecosystem. Not every soul is filtered into the main four Covenants. Each soul brings with it a vital force known as anima, the product of all of the soul's experiences and actions in life. Anima is the lifeblood of the Shadowlands, making trees grow and rivers flow and is the source that'...

    Keeper Odyn used knowledge he gleaned from the Shadowlands to create the first Val'kyr, Helya and tasked her with bringing the souls of worthy vrykul to the Halls of Valor. The Spirit Healersare Val'kyr who disappeared into the Shadowlands and dedicated themselves to watching over the physical world and occasionally guide the dead back to the realm of the living.


    1. The Maw(50 - 60) 2. Bastion(50 - 52) 3. Maldraxxus(52 - 54) 4. Ardenweald(55 - 57) 5. Revendreth(57 - 60) 6. Oribos(city) 7. The In-Between

    Other areas

    1. Edge of Reality 2. A Dark Place 3. Da Other Side

    Main article: Instances by continent
    The Necrotic Wake
    Mists of Tirna Scithe
    Halls of Atonement
    Spires of Ascension

    World of Warcraft

    In World of Warcraft, the Shadowlands can be seen when a character dies. They can be resurrected by a Spirit Healer (or by finding the corpseof their physical body, though this may be just a game mechanic). The Shadowlands can also be witnessed by other means, such as with some specific [Reagent Pouch]. It can also be seen with some devices and potionswhile being alive. Many not-dead mortals who visit the Shadowlands do not return.

    The Burning Crusade

    This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. Shirrak the Dead Watcher, an otherworldly being, haunted both the spirit and physical worlds. A Draenei Spiritasked the adventurers to kill it.

    Wrath of the Lich King

    1. Salanar the Horseman's dark riders kill captured horses and raise them as Acherus Deathchargers there, while death knight initiates are given the task to enter the Realm of Shadows and to defeat the horsemen and take the deathchargers for themselves, a task in which is said few of the initiates succeed. There are Shadowy Tormentorswhen initiates go to the realm for their deathcharger. 2. Lady Alistra summons Shadow Constructs, Forgotten Servants and a Cenarion Scout from the shadow realm t...

    Beings of death are ancient and powerful, and it is dangerous to meddle in their realm. When Odyn peered into the Shadowlands, he saw some of its inhabitants: souls in torment, the husks of the dead, ghostly wraiths with no face, and others with no form, all made of death itself. This was enough to frighten even him. Several races in the Shadowlands, such as the kyrian of Bastion, are souls of deceased mortals who have been transformed to serve a new purpose. If one of these former mortals is killed in the Shadowlands, they die permanently. Other creatures—such as dredgers and stewards—are endemic to the Shadowlands and are naturally born from the magic of death to serve the different realms and help facilitate the process of the afterlife. If one such creature of death is killed, their energy is recycled back into the Shadowlands, and eventually another member of the same race will manifest to take the place of the one that was killed. Endemic creatures of death 1. Dredger 1.1. Big...

    In some situations, souls may be taken to other places besides the Shadowlands: 1. Souls can be sent to the Light, such as Uuna's parents or Crusader Bridenbrad. Requirements for this are unknown. 1.1. By extension souls can also, presumably, be sucked into the Void. 2. The spirits of green dragons, most Wild Gods, and some druids such as Elerethe Renferal and Thaon Moonclaw, can go to the Emerald Dream, as well as all animals. 2.1. The spirits of winged creatures, including dragons, tend to be sent to G'Hanir, within the Dream. 2.2. Ardenweald, though, has been revealed to be integral to the Emerald Dream. 3. Vrykul warriors who prove their valor to Odyn can be taken by his val'kyr to the Halls of Valor. 3.1. Helya steals vrykul souls and bring them to Helheiminstead. 4. Elementals and demons respectively return to the Elemental Plane and Twisting Netherupon death, where they are then reborn. Dying in these planes kills them permanently. With elementals, however, it's known that th...


    The final destination of the spirits of the deceased remains a mystery to the priests and philosophers of Azeroth. However, as spells such as [Resurrection] can reunite a dead body with its spirit, and a majority of living creatures from the tauren to the troll shadow hunters claim they can communicate with and call upon the power of the spirits, a widely held belief is that the spirits of the dead remain on the Material Plane— in an immaterial state that can only be altered or contacted thro...

    RPG notes

    1. Shadow huntersdeal with the darkest aspects of the Shadowlands. Their connections to powerful voodoo spirits give them the ability to curse and heal at a whim. 2. The Inner and Outer Planes doesn't appear to exist in Warcraft universe, however, they are related to the Shadowlands. 3. The spell called "spiritual projection" or "astral projection" brings the caster to the Twisting Nether instead of the Shadowlands; and the Twisting Nether is also referred as "realm of ghosts". However, both...

    The [Headpiece of the Shadow Council]had a deep connection to the Shadowlands.
    [Dust from the Shadowlands] from the Legionexpansion provides a significant increase to character experience.
    [Spirit Spirits]is a strong alcohol brew that gives the drinker a small glimpse into the spirit realm.
    Inner Veil is inside the "spectral realm" in the Kalecgos fight in the Sunwell Plateauraid, possibly the Shadowlands.
    The Shadowlands may transcend all realities as evidenced with Soulbinder Nyami.
    Thros, the Blighted Lands may be related to the Shadowlands. This is evidenced by the fact that it bears a similarity to the Shadowlands realm of Ardenweald. Some parts of Ardenweald aren't faring...
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