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      • With an origin story drawn from Marston’s knowledge of feminist utopian fiction, Wonder Woman was a trained Amazon warrior sculpted out of clay by her mother who lived free from men on the all-female Paradise Island until an American pilot, Steve Trevor, washed ashore after a plane crash.
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    1 day ago · Wonder Woman's origin story (from Golden to Bronze Age) relates that she was sculpted from clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta and was given a life as an Amazon, along with superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek gods.

    • Princess Diana of Themyscira (Amazon identity), Diana Prince (civilian identity)
    • All Star Comics #8 (December–January 1941–1942)
  3. 2 days ago · In Wonder Woman's origin story, Steve Trevor, an intelligence officer in the United States Army, crashed his plane on Paradise Island, the Amazons' isolated homeland. Using a "Purple Ray", Princess Diana nursed him back to health and fell in love with him.

  4. Sep 21, 2022 · The KINKY secret life of the man behind Wonder Woman becomes a film EVER wondered why it was that Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero of all time, was a dab hand with a lasso and was forever finding herself tied to railway lines, as well as chained, bound, gagged or locked in bank vaults?

  5. Sep 21, 2022 · The song and video for “Wonder Woman” are a beautiful tribute in celebration of their beautiful milestone of nine years of marriage, with its attending triumphs and defeats. Dropping a touching video on your anniversary is dope, and having the matchmaker who basically predicted your union to direct it is priceless.

  6. Sep 20, 2022 · Pariah has trapped the fallen Justice League in new worlds made specifically for them. Catering to their every desire so that they stay on their new Earths and never want to leave. Every member's dream has become a "reality". However, for one Justice Leaguer, it's not their dream that's the basis for their new world.

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