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  1. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity encompasses two theories, namely Special Relativity Theory and General Relativity Theory. Special Theory Of Relativity. Einstein first introduced this term in the year 1905. It is a theorem that deals with the structure of space-time. Einstein explained this theory based on two postulates –

  2. The theory is based on the reformulation of general relativity known as Ashtekar variables, which represent geometric gravity using mathematical analogues of electric and magnetic fields. In the quantum theory, space is represented by a network structure called a spin network, evolving over time in discrete steps.

  3. Lagrangian field theory is a formalism in classical field theory.It is the field-theoretic analogue of Lagrangian mechanics.Lagrangian mechanics is used to analyze the motion of a system of discrete particles each with a finite number of degrees of freedom.

  4. Einstein in 1916, just after his completion of the general theory of relativity . The special theory of relativity was a first step for Einstein. The fuller development of his goal of relativizing physics came with his general theory of relativity. That theory was completed in its most important elements in November of 1915.

  5. In a nutshell, if the philosopher of linear cause and effect, Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am," then the philosophers of systems theory state "I relate, therefore I exist." There are many family theorists and schools of family therapy who have emphasized systemic and relational assessment and understanding, and often use genograms in ...

  6. Only a bit of the algebra of tensors is used; it is developed in about a page of the text. The book is for those seeking a conceptual understanding of the theory, not computational prowess. Despite it's brevity and modest prerequisites, it is a serious introduction to the physics and mathematics of general relativity which demands careful study.

  7. L. Ryder, Quantum Field Theory This elementary text has a nice discussion of much of the material in this course. A. Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell This is charming book, where emphasis is placed on physical understanding and the author isn’t afraid to hide the ugly truth when necessary. It contains many gems. M Srednicki, Quantum ...

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