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      • Southern gospel music comes from the Southeastern United States and is similar in sound to Christian country music, but it sometimes known as "quartet music" for its traditional "four men and a piano" set up. The genre, while remaining predominantly White, began to integrate Black gospel stylings in the 1960s. gospel music comes from the Southeastern United,to integrate Black gospel stylings in the 1960s.
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  2. Gospel music - Wikipedia

    Gospel music is composed and performed for many purposes, including aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, and as an entertainment product for the marketplace. Gospel music usually has dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) with Christian lyrics. Gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century.

  3. Soul music - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The phrase "soul music" itself, referring to gospel-style music with secular lyrics, was first attested in 1961. The term "soul" in African-American parlance has connotations of African-American pride and culture. Gospel groups in the 1940s and '50s occasionally used the term as part of their names.

  4. Christian country music - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · In the past, most Christian country music was recorded by groups with southern gospel flair like the Oak Ridge Boys, Mercy River Boys, The Cook Family Singers, Red Sovine, The Louvin Brothers and The Carter Family. Eventually, more mainstream country artists—ranging from Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton to Alabama and Alan Jackson—recorded gospel albums while continuing to record secular music.

    • Mid 20th century by secular country music artists and Southern Gospel acts
  5. What are the Origins of Gospel Music? (with pictures)

    Jan 03, 2021 · Gospel music originated in the American South and is still primarily an American genre, although it has spread to other countries as well. It combines Christian lyrics, often taken from the Methodist hymnal, with American musical forms including jazz, blues, ragtime and bluegrass.

  6. Southern Gospel,Southern Gospel Music

    Dec 24, 2020 · SGN Scoops Digital Magazine offers a free monthly magazine featuring gospel music and lifestyle content and daily news from southern, country, bluegrass, and contemporary Christian music. Presents the annual fan-voted Diamond Awards.

  7. Spirituals - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson presented spirituals as the only type of folk music that America has. Spirituals were sung as lullabies and play songs. Some spirituals were adapted as work songs. Antonin Dvorak chose spiritual music to represent America in his Symphony From the New World.

  8. Dec 24, 2020 · JB: When did your journey of gospel music evangelism begin? CK: Back in 2014, I took a step of faith and did my first solo album called, “Glory to His Name.” I had wanted to get in the ministry for singing since I was a little boy.

  9. Gerald Wolfe - Wikipedia

    Jan 08, 2021 · Gerald Wolfe (born 1963) was the pianist for the Cathedral Quartet from 1986 through 1988. After performing solo for two years, he formed Greater Vision with his former Cathedral member, baritone Mark Trammell and tenor Chris Allman in 1990.

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