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    An electronic organ, designed in the 1930s, that uses a unique electromechanical sound synthesis method divised by its inventor and namesake, Laurens Hammond. To produce the tones, classic Hammond models use a “tonewheel” system.A tonewheel is a metal plate, cut into the shape of a polyhedron or a mechanical gear, and rotating on a shaft. A magnetic pickup is mounted near the edge of the ...

  2. The Hammond Organ Sound has been a basic building block for nearly every genre of music since its inception in 1935. Majestic, evocative, unmistakable, and timeless-only a true HAMMOND can provide it. Accept no substitutes.

  3. Hammond B-3 Organ

    More about the Hammond on Wikipedia. If you attend performances of jazz, rock, gospel, country, and other genres, you will likely hear the Hammond B3 organ. Not many listeners know that instrument by name, but they would easily recognize its sound in many genres of music. The Hammond Organ was developed in 1935, by a clock maker Laurens Hammond.

  4. African rhythms, ideas of sin and the Hammond organ: A brief ...

    The Hammond was introduced in 1935 as a cheaper version of the pipe organ. A musician could now play melodies and harmonies but had the added feature of using his feet to play the bass as well.

  5. Which style of music uses the hammond organ? - Answers

    Music Genres. Instrument Repair. Which ... He developed the mathematical algorithm and physical modeling technique used on Elvio Previati's Hammond organ clone model known as the KeyBDuo and its ...

  6. Hammond Heroes: 60s R&B Organ Grooves - Various Artists ...

    The liner notes for this set are top-notch, beginning with a brief history of Laurens Hammond, the man who invented the Hammond organ (he also invented those familiar red and green 3-D glasses, by the way), and once he added Don Leslie's rotating speaker system to the organ frame, a stone cold classic instrument came to life.

  7. What is this elevator music? - YouTube

    May 16, 2010 · All I know is that its played on a hammond organ and that its a gospel blues genre.

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  8. The Best Organ ⋆ Hear the Music Play

    Electric organs are also more affordable and portable so that beginners and new settings can use organ music rather than just the traditional settings. Hammond. The Hammond Organ was the first electronic organ. There are two main models of Hammond organs: one is the console model and the other the spinet model.

  9. The Blue Book of HAMMOND - Jack Hollow

    The Blue Book of HAMMOND The Hammond Organ Company 4200 W. Diversey Ave. Chicaco, IL 60639 Tel. (312) 283-2000 Note 1: Where possible, we list individual models in each series. The letter and first digit indicate series and edition; the following lists show meaning of the last two digits: digits:

  10. Blues Bands that use Hammond organ | The Gear Page

    Once you start listening for organ, you will pick it up everywhere across every genre an many recordings that you may have never noticed it before. Ive found myself traveling to various churches, roller rinks, and otherwise random locations just to get my organ fix. It truly is a great obsession.

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