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  1. Do the majority of Japanese speak some basic English? - Tokyo ...

    Since WWII English has been compulsory in Junior High schools so pretty much every single person in Japan has studied English but whether or not they feel confident speaking it is another question. Most Japanese are highly educated many have studied English at University or as a hobby at language schools during the boom time of the 1980s and 90s.

  2. What percentage of people in Tokyo speak English. - Tokyo in ...

    Not a large percentage. It's taught in schools but pronunciation is not taught well. Many Japanese mcan read better than they can speak. But I've not had major problems in the 6 or 7 times I've been in Japan. Any large hotel and some smaller ones have staff who are fluent in English. Many restaurants have models of food outside.

  3. List of countries by English-speaking population - Wikipedia

    English native speakers amount to 13% of the whole Union population, while the percentage of people that speak English "well enough in order to be able to have a conversation", either as first (32%), second (11%) or third (3%) foreign language, was 38%.

  4. In Japan, what percentage of the population can fluently ...

    Jun 22, 2010 · These people can't create a generation of kids fluent in English, no way. Japanese people rarely need to speak much English, so they can't become fluent. Except the ones who've lived in English speaking countries for a long time, as someone said.

  5. Disappointing levels of English | The Japan Times

    Mar 28, 2015 · Students’ English proficiency was especially low on the more active, productive skills of speaking and writing. On the exam, 29.2 percent of students scored zero on the writing section and 13.3 ...

  6. Mapped: The world by English-speaking population

    Around 10 million people - in a total population of 1.3 billion - speak English. That's fewer than one in 100. Don't venture too far in China without a phrasebook

  7. What Languages Are Spoken In Japan? - WorldAtlas

    Sep 03, 2020 · Another language group exists in Japan. Like some of the Ryukyuan languages, the Ainu are also classified as endangered by UNESCO. The few people who speak Ainu languages generally live in southwestern Hokkaido, and they are quickly dying out. In 2012, all the fluent native Ainu speakers were said to be 80 years and older in Japan.

  8. The Weird Truth Behind Why Japanese People Can’t Speak English

    Recently, more people from abroad have migrated to Japan, especially in larger cities, and you’ll see more non-Japanese faces in the streets. However, this is not at a level at which Japanese people need to be able to speak English yet, so for us, the chances of having to speak English are still low in the first place.

  9. How Many People Speak English, And Where Is It Spoken?

    Jul 26, 2017 · Did you know English is by far the world's most studied language? And that 20% of the world speaks it? Read on to learn more interesting facts about the English language.

  10. How Widely Spoken is English in Taiwan? – How Widely Spoken

    Exact statistics on the percentage of the Taiwanese population who speak English are hard to find, but it ranked 48th out of 88 countries surveyed in a 2018 study on English proficiency around the world, just ahead of Japan, another country we have covered which does not have very high rates of English fluency among the general population.

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