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      • what theory can supersede general relativity?, is as follow. We do not need a theory that will supersede general relativity (GR). We need a theory that will extend GR to the Planck's scale and solve the dark energy problem. This new theory is Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT) that has been presented in ten articles in my research-gate page.
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  2. General relativity - Wikipedia › wiki › General_relativity

    5 days ago · Unanswered questions remain, the most fundamental being how general relativity can be reconciled with the laws of quantum physics to produce a complete and self-consistent theory of quantum gravity; and how gravity can be unified with the three non-gravitational forces—strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces.

  3. Alternatives to general relativity - Wikipedia › wiki › Alternatives_to_general

    Jul 21, 2021 · Alternatives to general relativity are physical theories that attempt to describe the phenomenon of gravitation in competition to Einstein's theory of general relativity. There have been many different attempts at constructing an ideal theory of gravity. These attempts can be split into four broad categories based on their scope.

  4. Here’s the theory of relativity in 500 words – Kevin Drum › heres-the-theory-of-relativity

    Jul 14, 2021 · General Relativity is less obvious and I'm not really convinced that I can convey it. Einstein wanted a gravitational formula that changed under the transformations of Special Relativity in a way that preserved the form of the gravitational equations, and Newton's formula for gravity doesn't do that.

  5. 34.2: General Relativity and Quantum Gravity - Physics LibreTexts › Bookshelves › College_Physics

    Jul 12, 2021 · Einstein’s theory of general relativity got its first verification in 1919 when starlight passing near the Sun was observed during a solar eclipse. (See Figure \(\PageIndex{3}\).) During an eclipse, the sky is darkened and we can briefly see stars.

  6. Strange Black Hole Discovery Confirms Einstein’s Theory of ... › strange-black-hole-discovery

    Jul 28, 2021 · Credit: ESA. The strange discovery, detailed in a paper published today (July 28, 2021) in Nature, is the first direct observation of light from behind a black hole – a scenario that was predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity but never confirmed, until now. “Fifty years ago, when astrophysicists starting speculating about ...

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    Jul 16, 2021 · General Relativity is the modern and most complete widely accepted theory of gravitation, formulated in a background independent, geometric way. 2. General Relativity is formulated in a manner consistent with Special Relativity and I could imagine that it might be possible to derived Special Relativistic effects from it (whether or not this is ...

  8. Magnetic 'balding' of black holes saves general relativity ... › releases › 2021

    Jul 27, 2021 · Apr. 9, 2020 — In another verification of the validity of Einstein's theory of general relativity scientists have used two finely tuned optical lattice clocks to make new ultra-precise ...

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    Jul 28, 2021 · This confirms a prediction from Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity about how light should behave under the influence of extreme gravity. The ability to see echoes from behind a black ...

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