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    2 days ago · The Hikayat Raja Pasai, a 14th-century Aceh chronicle tell a Majapahit naval invasion against Samudra Pasai in 1350. The chronicle described that the Majapahit invasion was a punishment for Sultan Ahmad Malik Az-Zahir's crime on ruining a royal marriage between Pasai Prince Tun Abdul Jalil and Raden Galuh Gemerencang, a Majapahit princess ...

  2. 3 days ago · Up to the 14th century, the census and wedding records show an absolute lack of concern with avoiding intermarriage or blood mixture. Such laws were now common in most of central Europe. Both the Roman Inquisition and neighbouring Christian powers showed discomfort with Aragonese law and lack of concern with ethnicity, but to little effect.

    • 15 July 1834
    • Grand Inquisitor and Suprema designated by the crown
    • 1 November 1478
    • Tribunal under the election of the Spanish monarchy, for upholding religious orthodoxy in their realm
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    3 days ago · Throughout his career, he defended his father's writings against all critics. The office of Nagid was held by the Maimonides family for four successive generations until the end of the 14th century. Maimonides is widely respected in Spain, and a statue of him was erected near the Córdoba Synagogue.

    • (1) daughter of Nathaniel Baruch (2) daughter of Mishael Halevi
    • Medieval philosophy
  4. 3 days ago · Between the mid-17th century to mid-18th century, as the former Khmer Empire was weakened by internal strife and Siamese invasions, the Nguyễn Lords used various means, political marriage, diplomatic pressure, political and military favors, to gain the area around present-day Saigon and the Mekong Delta.

  5. 4 days ago · The coat of arms of Lithuania, consisting of an armour-clad knight on horseback holding a sword and shield, is also known as Vytis (pronounced ). It is recognized as the official coat of arms of Lithuania since the early 15th century and is also known in other Lithuanian language names as Waikymas, Pagaunė or as Pogonia, Pogoń, Погоня (romanized: Pahonia) in the Polish, Belarusian and ...

    • First documented in 1366., Current version official since 1991.
    • Gules, an armoured knight armed cap-à-pie mounted on a horse salient holding in his dexter hand a sword Argent above his head. A shield Azure hangs on the sinister shoulder charged with a double cross (Cross of Lorraine) Or. The horse saddles, straps, and belts Azure. The hilt of the sword and the fastening of the sheath, the stirrups, the curb bits of the bridle, the horseshoes, as well as the decoration of the harness, all Or.
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    Sep 15, 2021 · This was explicitly stated in a mid 14th> century charter from King David II. In the early 14th century, the chief of the clan and ‘name-father’ was Gregor, of the golden bridles. Gregor was the younger brother of Iain of Clann Ailpein, but on his brother’s death was passed over in favour of the husband of his niece, Mariota.

    • Manor
    • Churches
    • Advowsons
    • Charities
    • Educational Charities.

    About the year 675 seven hides of landin Tooting and Streatham are said to havebeen granted to the abbey of Chertseyby its founders Frithwald Subregulus of Surrey andErkenwald Bishop of London. (fn. 8) The authenticity ofthe charter embodying this gift is doubtful, (fn. 9) but thefact of some such grant seems to be established bylater records. Land in Tooting and Streatham ismentioned in the confirmation charter of KingAthelstan in 933, (fn. 10) and in 1062 Edward the Confessor included 7 hides 'at Tooting with Streatham'in his enumeration of the benefactions of Frithwaldand Erkenwald. (fn. 11) In the Domesday Survey, however, this early Chertsey manor appears as an estatewhich had been assessed for 6 hides in the reign ofEdward the Confessor, (fn. 12) whilst another hide in theparish which Osward had held of that king withliberty to seek what lord he chose had come sincethe Conquest under the abbot's overlordship. (fn. 13) Hissuccessors were confirmed in the possession of Tooting a...

    The church of ST. NICHOLASconsists of chancel and north organchamber, 18735, south vestry, northand south transepts, 1889; all these are built of redbrick and form part of a scheme of reconstruction inthe Decorated style. The nave, west tower andporches of light brick were built in 18323 in theGothic style of the period. In the vestry is an oldprint of the church which preceded this one on thesame site, showing a chancel, nave, south aisle, westporch and north round tower with a louvred belfryand octagonal spire. In the south transept there is a mural tablet withinset brass to Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, 1582, and herhusband, 1597. On the north wall of the nave is atablet to Sir John Hepdon, 1670; and in the porch,above the west door of the nave, is a large marblemural monument to Dame Bateman, 1710. Infront of the west gallery are the royal arms of GreatBritain of the Hanoverian line to 1802. There is only one bell by M. B., 1705. The plate consists of silver-gilt cup and coverpaten, 16...

    The first mention of the churchof St. Nicholas seems to be that of1086, when a church with 4 acres ofmeadow belonged to the manor held by Hamon theSheriff of the Abbot of Chertsey. (fn. 91) It was afterwardsgranted by Hamon de Gravenel with all the tithesof his demesne lands to the priory of St. Mary Overyin Southwark, a gift confirmed by Richard Bishop ofWinchester between 1174 and 1189, (fn. 92) and thechurch of Tooting, valued in 1291 at 2, (fn. 93) was included at a later date in a list of the benefices belonging to that house. (fn. 94) There was a vicarage here after1291 and before 1366, (fn. 95) but there is no record ofits endowment. (fn. 96) Presentations continued to bemade to the vicarage from 1366, (fn. 97) and in 1528Hugh Hudson, the incumbent, was called vicar. (fn. 98) In1535, however, he was described as rector, (fn. 99) and nolater mention of the vicarage occurs. After thesurrender of the priory of St Mary Overy in 1539 (fn. 100) the advowson seems to have remained w...

    The following charities are underthe administration of the rector andchurchwardens, namely: Sir John Maynardas recorded on a benefactiontable in the churchgave 1 to eight poor parishioners,viz. 2s. 6d. each on Easter Sunday. It is also recorded that Sir James Bateman, kt., gave100 for binding out apprentice poor children.These charities are now represented by 304 18s. 4d.consols, producing 7 12s. 6d. a year, of which 1is applied as above at Easter and the balance inapprenticing. John Avarn for poor, by will proved in the P.C.C.1809, trust fund, 335 13s. 6d. consols, for bread. Rev. John Ravenhill for poor, will proved in theP.C.C. 27 February 1833, trust fund, 60 consols. John Rogers, by his will, 1778, left 200 forfour housekeepers, and Mrs. Martha Chivers (whowas the widow of John Rogers), by her will, 1789,left 200 for the same purpose. These legacies,together with a legacy of 50 by will of WilliamPowell, 1823, for repairs of vault and monument,are now represented by 650 consols....

    The following charitiesare regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners, namely, the charities of John Avarn, willproved in the P.C.C., 1809; William Powell, willproved in the P.C.C., 1823; Rev. John Ravenhill,will proved in the P.C.C., 1833, and ElizabethCollett, deed, 1839. In respect thereof the officialtrustees hold 891 3s. 4d. West Ham CorporationThree per Cent. Stock and 897 0s. 11d. WesternAustralian Government Three per Cent. Stock, producing together 53 12s. 10d. yearly; 174 14s. 9d.consols and 142 5s. 2d. consols, producing together7 18s. 5d. yearly. The official trustees also hold asum of 818 9s. 1d. consols on an investment accountto replace a sum of 794 8s. consols sold out in 1896for the erection of a hall. This account now (1911)amounts to 1,228 7s. 8d. consols. The availableincome is applied in prizes for infants and for scholarships at schools for secondary education. Nonconformist charities comprise the followingcharities, namely: 1. The charity of Elizabeth...

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