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  1. 1770: Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave, is first colonist killed in the Boston Massacre. 1783: Slavery abolished in Massachusetts. 1798: First black private school opens in home of Primus Hall. 1800: Free black population nears 1,100. 1806: African Meeting House opens as First African Baptist Church. 1808: Hall house school moves to African ...

  2. The Boston Massacre. ... An odd fact to modern Americans is that as a result of the election of 1800. ... in 1816 James Monroe won the presidency.

  3. In 1816, in the same city, he founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which is the oldest black religious denomination. Crispus Attucks. An escaped slave who worked as a seaman on a ship near Boston, he was the first person killed in the Boston Massacre and was thus the first person to die in the cause of the American Revolution.

  4. t. e. This is a timeline of African-American history, the part of history that deals with African Americans . The first African slaves in what would become the present day United States of America arrived on August 9, 1526. During the American Revolution of 1776–1783, enslaved African Americans in the South escaped to British lines as they ...

  5. Correct Answer (s) As a result, he governed as a nationalist rather than as a states' rights sectionalist. It illuminated the need for a more powerful federal government, particularly a stronger military and national economy. He embraced the economic nationalism advocated by Alexander Hamilton and George Washington.

  6. What were the intolerable acts a result of? ... First to die at the Boston Massacre. Thomas Paine. Wrote Common Sense in 1776. ... 1816. McCullough vs Maryland in ...

  7. Feb 13, 2015 · March 5, 1770 - British troops fire on a rock throwing crowd (known as "The Boston Massacre"). June 9, 1772 - 1st naval Battle of the American Revolution off the coast of Rhode Island. December 16, 1773 - "Boston Tea Party" takes place as residents disguised as Indians throw crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

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