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  1. A rifle for the ages -- the Winchester Model 1894 | Sports ...

    6 days ago · In 1899, the Model 94 became available in the.32 Winchester Special, a sweet little cartridge. The Model 94 was produced continuously by Winchester from 1894 through 1980 when the production of the...

  2. Centerfire Boxes - 20

    6 days ago · Sometime in the mid-to-late-1890s UMC made a run of cartridges and box labels specifically calling out the "32-40 Winchester Model 1894", the chambering in which the M94 was initially introduced (in late 1894, along with the 38-55).

  3. Winchester '73 - Wikipedia'73_(1950_film)

    Feb 18, 2021 · Winchester '73 is a 1950 American Western film directed by Anthony Mann and starring James Stewart, Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea and Stephen McNally. Written by Borden Chase and Robert L. Richards , the film is about the journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another and a cowboy's search for a murderous fugitive. [2]

  4. American Hunter | Hardware: Winchester XPR Renegade Long Range SR

    Feb 18, 2021 · The rear of the bolt features a cocking indicator. The rifle’s bottom “metal” is made of polymer, as is the single-stack, detachable, three-round magazine. The next feature that is required if a rifle’s accuracy potential is to be reached is its trigger. Winchester spent years developing its MOA trigger, and it is almost wonderful.

  5. Out of the Past ... from the archives of The Winchester Star ...

    6 days ago · Mr. Stork made more calls at the Winchester Memorial Hospital last year than in 1944. According to a report this morning by Mr. Homer Alberti, administrator, 731 babies were born at the hospital ...

  6. From the Archives: Presidents connected to Winchester ...

    Feb 18, 2021 · WINCHESTER – Wherever candidates for the presidency made personal appearances during this last campaign, the list of stumping-grounds did not include Winchester.

  7. - Home

    5 days ago · To see more of this Winchester 1894 cal. 38-55 that I was commissioned by a client from Kansas to restore, click on the photo or here. To see more of these Colts that I was commissioned by Mr. Bob Munden "The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived" to work on, click on the photo or here. About the owner: Dan is first and foremost a Christian.


    5 days ago · WINCHESTER:-38259 - 1300 12 ga. pump action shotgun laminated stock 22" Win Choke. (Used Good) $249.99 ( Sale Pending)-37766 - 67 22 S,L,L.R. bolt action single shot rifle cut to 16 1/2" and a Weaver scope base. Pest shooter elite. (Used Good) consigned. $224.99-35310 - 70 target bolt action .30-06 rifle. PRE-64 model (Used V.G.) Consigned $1800.00

  9. Bio - Dr. Josefino C Comiso - NASA
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    Josefino Comiso is a senior research scientist at the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory of the Goddard Space Flight Center. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of the Philippines, Masters Degree in Physics from Florida State University and Ph. D. in physics from the University of California in Los Angeles. He held a post-doctoral position at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and worked as a senior consultant for Computer Sciences Corporation before joining NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. At Goddard, his research led to new insights into many important processes in the polar regions including: (a) deep ocean convection and the influence of polynyas and Odden on bottom water formation; (b) phytoplankton blooms and relationships with the sea ice cover and (c) climate change signals as revealed by the changing sea ice cover and accelerated warming in the Arctic region. He was the chief scientist in many NASA aircraft missions in the Arct...

    1972 Ph.D. Physics, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) 1966 M.S. Physics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 1962 B.S. Physics, University of the Philippines (UP), Quezon City, Philippines

    Chief Scientist: NASA Aircraft/Nuclear Submarine Arctic Sea Ice Project, 1987 Chief Scientist: NASA Aircraft Okhotsk Sea and Antarctic Campaigns, 2003 and 2004 Principal Investigator (PI) of the sea ice components of the following field projects:1986, 1988, 1989, 1992 Antarctic Scientific Cruises PI/Team member of the AMSR-E facility instrument for EOS-Aqua and ADEOS-2PI/Team member of the AMSR2 instrument on board JAXA/GCOM-W PI for JERS1 SAR and ERS1 (and ERS2) SAR Polar Projects. Chairman of Working Group on Cryosphere (WGVIII/10), ISPRS Commission VIII WCRP/CliC Observational Products Panel (OPP), 1999-2005 Science Advisory Group Member of the MIMR instrument (ESA&NASA), 1992-1996 AMS Committee on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography (1990-93); Editorial Staff of an AGU Monograph, the Phil. Journal of Science, and Annals of Glaciology Quest editor and Coordinator of an AGU/JGR-Oceans special section (2006 to 2008)President (1987-1988) and Chairman of the Board of Directors (2001-2...

    Corresponding Member of the Philippine National Academy of Science and Technology (2016) Book on Changing Philippine Climate selected as the Outstanding Book of the Year (2015) NASA Group Achievement Awards (1982, 2003) NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (2013) NASA/GSFC/HOBI Career Achievement Award (2014) Performance or Special Service Awards, GSFC (1987, 1991, 94, 96, 2000, 04, 05, 2008-2014) Outstanding Achievement in Science in 2008, Pan Oceanic Remote Sensing Conf. (PORSEC) Outstanding Achievement in Science and Medicine (Filipinas Magazine, October 2008) Distinguished Achievement Award in Science and Engineering (UPAA, Diliman, 2013) Most Distinguished Alumnus (UP Alumni Association of America, 2007) Fellow, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (2006) Electromagnetics Academy (1990) Peer Award for Best Paper, Laboratory for Oceans, NASA/GSFC (1988) Who's Who in the World, in Frontiers of Science & Technology, and in Electromagnetics

    Led a NASA overflight as the PI over a nuclear submarine in the Arctic. Results from the experiment provided the basis for the ability to measure thickness of sea ice using a laser altimeter from space. Was a participant of the first winter cruise over sea ice in the Antarctic Was the chief scientist of a NASA overflight program in the Arctic/Sea of Okhotsk in 2003 Was the chief scientist of NASA overflight programs in the Antarctic in 2003 and 2004.

    Duncan, B. N., L. E. Ott, J. B. Abshire, et al. L. Brucker, M. L. Carroll, J. Carton, J. C. Comiso, E. P. Dinnat, B. C. Forbes, A. Gonsamo, W. W. Gregg, D. K. Hall, I. Ialongo, R. Jandt, R. A. Kahn, A. Karpechko, S. R. Kawa, S. Kato, T. Kumpula, E. Kyrölä, T. V. Loboda, K. C. McDonald, P. M. Montesano, R. Nassar, C. S. Neigh, C. L. Parkinson, B. Poulter, J. Pulliainen, K. Rautiainen, B. M. Rogers, C. S. Rousseaux, A. J. Soja, N. Steiner, J. Tamminen, P. C. Taylor, M. A. Tzortziou, H. Virta, J. S. Wang, J. D. Watts, D. M. Winker, and D. L. Wu. 2020. "Space‐Based Observations for Understanding Changes in the Arctic‐Boreal Zone." Reviews of Geophysics, 2019RG000652 [10.1029/2019rg000652] Garcia‐Eidell, C., J. C. Comiso, E. Dinnat, and L. Brucker. 2019. "Sea Surface Salinity Distribution in the Southern Ocean as Observed from Space." Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2018JC014510 [10.1029/2018jc014510] Hall, D., R. Cullather, N. DiGirolamo, et al. J. Comiso, B. Medley, and S. Now...

    Comiso, J. C. 2015. "Variability and trends of the Global Sea Ice Covers and Sea Levels: Effects on Physicochemical Parameters." Climate Change and Marine and Freshwater ToxinsBerlin, Germany: ISBN: 978-3-11-033359-6. Babin, M., K. Arrigo, S. Bélanger, M. Benoît-Gagné, and J. C. Comiso, eds. 2015. "Ocean Colour Remote Sensing in Polar Seas." International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) 16: pp. 129. Goetz, S., H. E. Epstein, D. Alcaraz, et al. P. A. Beck, U. BhatY, A. Bunn, J. C. Comiso, G. J. Jia, O. Kaplan, H. Lischke, A. Lloyd, Q. Yu, and D. A. Walker. 2011. "Recent changes in Arctic vegetation: satellite observations and simulation model predictions." Eurasian Arctic land cover and land use in a changing climate 306: Amsterdam: Walker, D., B. C. Forbes, M. O. Leibman, et al. H. E. Epstein, U. S. Bhatt, J. C. Comiso, D. S. Drozdov, A. A. Gubarkov, G. J. Jia, E. Kaarlejärvi, J. O. Kaplan, A. V. Khomutov, G. P. Kofinas, T. Kumpula, P. Kuss, N. G. Moskalenko, N. A. Meschtyb,...

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