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  1. Llywelyn sought to marry Eleanor de Montfort, born in 1252, Simon de Montfort's daughter. They were married by proxy in 1275, but King Edward took exception to the marriage, in part because Eleanor was his first cousin: her mother was Eleanor of England , daughter of King John and princess of the House of Plantagenet .

  2. Henry was born in Winchester Castle on 1 October 1207. He was the eldest son of King John and Isabella of Angoulême. Little is known of Henry's early life. He was initially looked after by a wet nurse called Ellen in the south of England, away from John's itinerant court, and probably had close ties to his mother.

  3. Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, 1225: Leader during the Barons' War against King Henry III, he became the de facto leader of England for a short time before his death in battle. Starting as a simple earl, making Simon's rise match that of history might be a challenge, but one worth a try.

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