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    • July 13, 1982July 13, 1982
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    How old was Alexander the Great when he died?

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  3. John B. Alexander - Wikipedia › wiki › John_B

    3 days ago · John B. Alexander (born 1937) is a retired United States Army colonel. An infantry officer for much of his career, he is best known as a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons and of military applications of the paranormal. He has written and lectured on the reality of UFOs.

    • 1937
    • Author and UFO researcher
  4. Death of Alexander the Great - Wikipedia › wiki › Death_of_Alexander_the_Great

    4 days ago · The death of Alexander the Great and subsequent related events have been the subjects of debates. According to a Babylonian astronomical diary, Alexander died between the evening of June 10 and the evening of June 11, 323 BC, at the age of thirty-two.

  5. Alexander Jannaeus - Wikipedia › wiki › Alexander_Jannaeus

    6 days ago · Alexander had Pella destroyed for refusing to Judaize. Alexander captured all these cities in a period of three years (83-80 BCE). Three years later, Alexander had succumbed to an illness during the siege of Ragaba. Having reigned 27 years, Alexander Jannaeus died at the age of forty-nine. Citations

  6. Chris McCandless - Wikipedia › wiki › Christopher_McCandless

    6 days ago · Christopher Johnson McCandless (/ m ə ˈ k æ n d l ɪ s /; February 12, 1968 – c. August 1992), also known by his nickname Alexander Supertramp, was an American adventurer, who sought an increasingly itinerant lifestyle as he grew up.

  7. Hamilton family - Wikipedia › wiki › Hamilton_family

    May 01, 2021 · The last Laird of the Hamiltons of Grange, who held the title from 1774 until his death in 1837, was Alexander Hamilton's first cousin, also named Alexander. James Alexander Hamilton was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1718. He was the fourth son of Laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange.

  8. John Laurens - Wikipedia › wiki › John_Laurens

    5 days ago · John Laurens (October 28, 1754 – August 27, 1782) was an American soldier and statesman from South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War, best known for his criticism of slavery and his efforts to help recruit slaves to fight for their freedom as U.S. soldiers.

  9. Local film company, celebrating 90 years, had storied past ... › news › local-film-company-celebrating

    3 days ago · After J. Don Alexander died in 1955, Don. M continued to run the company, but was slow to recognize the possibilities of television advertising. “His statement was, ‘Television is a fad, it’s never...

  10. John Tyler - Wikipedia › wiki › John_Tyler

    5 days ago · She died of a stroke when her son John was seven years old in 1797. [5] With two brothers and five sisters, Tyler was reared on Greenway Plantation , a 1,200-acre (5 km 2 ) slave plantation with a six-room manor house his father had built.

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