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    In Green Lantern Corps (vol. 2) #11 , Mogo apparently shows Kilowog images of his dead species, pushing him into madness and hatred toward the Green Lantern Corps. He then starts tampering with the minds of the Lanterns seeking advice and counseling in the form of illusions granted by Mogo's powers, framing Guy Gardner for killing and pitting ...

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    Background. The Indigo Tribe is one of the nine Corps of the emotional spectrum within the DC Universe setting. Each "Emotional Spectrum" Corps has both a corresponding color of the rainbow and an emotional theme attached to it, with several of the Corps (e.g. the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern Corps) being named after their respective color; the Indigo Tribe, which is one of the Corps ...

  3. Kyle Rayner is one of Earth's most powerful Green Lanterns, having also been the White Lantern and the host of Parallax and Ion. After saving the life of a construction worker in New York, Kyle Rayner was chosen to wield the other six rings in the Emotional Spectrum, in addition to his own green one. Soon after being attacked by Arkillo, Bleez, Fatality, and Munk. who believed he had stolen ...

  4. Jun 10, 2018 · Wiccan is potentially one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe and in New Avengers #51-52 he was even suggested as a candidate for Sorcerer Supreme. Indeed in the "Battle Of The Atom" storyline, a future version of Billy is seen wielding the Eye of Agomotto.

  5. Sep 05, 2022 · Green Lantern Hal Jordan is the best and brightest of the Green Lantern Corps. He was the first Corpsman from Earth, and he has pushed the ring to limits unimagined before him. In more recent comics, he even managed to forge his own new Green Lantern ring from his pure will.

  6. Sep 25, 2022 · Of all the characters in the DC Universe, the villain Superboy-Prime stands out as one of the most tragic in the publisher's history. A rare moment of self-reflection for the reviled character gave insight into the psychological toll his history as a comic book rogue has had on him.

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