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  1. The Hammond B3 Legacy - NRG Recording Studios

    Jimmy Smith’s use of the Hammond B-3, with its additional harmonic percussion feature, inspired a generation of organ players, and its use became more widespread in the 1960s and 1970s in rhythm and blues, rock and reggae, as well as being an important instrument in progressive rock.

  2. Hammond organ music |

    acid jazz The Hammond organ is an electric organ which was invented by Laurens Hammond in 1934 and manufactured by the Hammond Organ Company. While the Hammond organ was originally sold to churches as a lower-cost alternative to the pipe organ, it became the de facto standard for jazz, blues, and rock … read more

  3. 50 great moments in jazz: Jimmy Smith and the Hammond organ ...

    Jun 02, 2010 · Davis was an innovator who had exploited the dramatic, gospel, vibrato-laden sound of the Hammond's rotating Leslie loudspeaker to the full. He also popularised the organ/guitar/drums lineup,...

  4. jazz - What is distinctive about the Hammond B3 organ ...

    At the same time, in African-American churches, the Hammond organ was being adapted to the newly emerging style of sacred Christian music called black gospel. The setting for this was often a church whose congregation was not wealthy enough to purchase an acoustic pipe organ, but could afford a new Hammond.

  5. Hammond |

    With a straight line of development from Laurens Hammond's first organ in 1934 to the present day, the modern Hammond company preserves the tradition, sound, and soul of the vintage classics.

  6. Hammond Heroes: 60s R&B Organ Grooves - Various Artists ...

    The liner notes for this set are top-notch, beginning with a brief history of Laurens Hammond, the man who invented the Hammond organ (he also invented those familiar red and green 3-D glasses, by the way), and once he added Don Leslie's rotating speaker system to the organ frame, a stone cold classic instrument came to life.

  7. The Greatest Hammond Organ Solos - Part 3 - YouTube

    1. Ken Hensley - Uriah Heep - July Morning 2. David Stone - Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll 3. Vincent Crane - Atomic Rooster - Breakthrough 4. Josef Skrze...

    • 10 min
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  8. Jan 06, 2011 · ELP has got to have one of the most recognizable signature sounds of any band of the rock era, and I would say that Keith Emerson's Hammond organ tone is a big part of that sound.

  9. HAMMOND Heritage A3 — Black Hammond

    HAMMOND's newest offering, the Heritage A3 complete, two manual, 25 pedal organ with "B" style cabinetry and matching bench. Financing from $168.52/mo with approved credit! Optional 11 pin Leslie ready. 

  10. How to Read Organ Sheet Music | Our Pastimes

    Sep 15, 2017 · Organs come in different sizes and styles. Some models have more than one keyboard. Organs also have pedals that are used for playing bass notes. Learning to read organ sheet music, like the piano, requires the ability to be able to read music on both the treble and bass clef, along with special markings for the pedals.

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