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  1. Disc Jockeys can be of various kinds, radio DJ and club DJ being the most common. While radio DJs, also known as RJs, mix and play music for their live radio audiences, club DJs perform at parties, nightclubs or music festivals. Richard "Richie" Hawtin, a three-time DJ Awards winner, is a Canadian DJ counted amongst the most famous DJs of all time.

  2. RIC's history now spans 91 years in business on the leading edge of music trends that have changed popular culture forever. Played by Hawaiian musicians of the 1930s to jazz bassists of the 1990s, by the Beatles and Byrds to the most-current rock groups on MTV, the ringing sound of Rickenbacker instruments has helped define music as we know it.

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    Al Capone, the famous organized crime leader, gave jazz musicians previously living in poverty a steady and professional income. Thaddeus Russell, in A Renegade History of the United States, states: "The singer Ethel Waters fondly recalled that Capone treated her 'with respect, applause, deference, and paid in full.'"

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    Bachelor's degrees in bass performance (referred to as B.Mus. or B.M.) are four-year programs that include individual bass lessons, amateur orchestra experience, and a sequence of courses in music history, music theory, and liberal arts courses (e.g., English literature), which give the student a more well-rounded education. Usually, bass ...

  5. Apr 05, 2022 · Motorhead is cemented in metal history, and The Ace Of Spades is one of their greatest tracks. After spending 13 weeks in the top 100 around its release, the track ruled the charts and helped redefine metal successfully. In more recent history, the death of frontman Lemmy sent this track right back to the charts in several nations.

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