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      • Hanunoo ( IPA: [hanunuʔɔ] ), also rendered Hanunó'o, is one of the scripts indigenous to the Philippines and is used by the Mangyan peoples of southern Mindoro to write the Hanunó'o language.
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  2. Jun 02, 2022 · Finally, the Mangyan script. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, the more famous Filipino system of writing, the Baybayin was discarded. However, in Mindoro, the Buhid and Hanunoo Mangyans continued to practice their writing system. The Mangyan script like the Baybayin is based on the syllables of the Philippine phonetics.

  3. Jun 19, 2022 · The classical or traditional Mongolian script, [note 1] also known as the Hudum Mongol bichig, [note 2] was the first writing system created specifically for the Mongolian language, and was the most widespread until the introduction of Cyrillic in 1946. It is traditionally written in vertical lines Top-Down, right across the page.

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  4. Jun 12, 2022 · A Sanskrit Phrase in different Brahmic Scripts. The Brahmic scripts, also known as Indic scripts, are a family of abugida writing systems. They are used throughout the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia. They are descended from the Brahmi script of ancient India and are used by various languages in several language ...

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    Jun 17, 2022 · In the 19th and 20th centuries, baybayin survived and evolved into multiple forms—the Tagbanwa script of Palawan, and the Hanuno'o and Buhid scripts of Mindoro —and was used to create the constructed modern Kulitan script of the Kapampangan and the Ibalnan script of the Palawan tribe. [citation needed]

  6. Jun 18, 2022 · The Georgian scripts are the three writing systems used to write the Georgian language: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli. Although the systems differ in appearance, their letters share the same names and alphabetical order and are written horizontally from left to right .

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