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  1. Clive Donner obituary | Film | The Guardian › film › 2010

    Sep 07, 2010 · Clive Donner obituary ... and then gained experience at nearby Pinewood Studios as an editor on such films as Scrooge (1951), The Card (1952) and Genevieve (1953). ... film director, born 21 ...

  2. THE LIFE AND CAREER OF ALASTAIR SIM – SimplyHE › blogs › news

    Dec 21, 2017 · AN UNEXPECTED ACTING SUCCESS AND THE WORLD’S BEST EBENEZER SCROOGE. With Christmas fast approaching, we turn the spotlight to one of Britain’s most distinctive, yet highly reluctant film stars Alastair Sim, who is today fondly remembered for his masterful portrayal of Scrooge in the 1951 adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

  3. Scrooge Movie Review (1951) - It's Christmas › scrooge-movie-review

    Scrooge (1951) starring the great Alastair Sim, based on one of best Christmas stories of all time, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. There are many versions of this classic tale but none in my opinion quite capure the mood and atmosphere of the Alastair Sim film.

  4. Scrooge - Radio Times | TV, film and entertainment news › film › jh5yg

    Brian Desmond Hurst (1951) 86min. U Certificate ... carefree Scrooge. Beautifully designed by Ralph Brinton and directed with unexpected finesse by Brian Desmond Hurst, this is not to be missed ...

  5. Reviews: Ms. Scrooge - IMDb › title › tt0130883

    The premise of an African-American female Scrooge in the modern, struggling city was inspired, but nothing else in this film is. Here, Ms. Scrooge is a miserly banker who takes advantage of the employees and customers in the largely poor and black neighborhood it inhabits. There is no doubt about the good intentions of the people involved.

  6. 10 great films set in Victorian London | BFI › news-opinion › news-bfi

    Scrooge (1951) Director Brian Desmond Hurst Brian Desmond Hurst ’s adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is often rated the definitive version, with Alistair Sim the actor to beat in his spirited rendition of the original Christmas grinch.

  7. The Top 25 Films on Mercy - Image Journal › the-top-25-films-on-mercy

    Scrooge (1951), Brian Desmond Hurst Brian Desmond Hurst’s adaptation of Charles Dicken’s classic Christmas story not only makes claim to being the best film version of the much adapted story, but a significant film about mercy bestowed upon a wayward soul.

  8. Where was 1951 Scrooge filmed? - Answers › Q › Where_was_1951_scrooge_filmed

    The 1951 film Scrooge, which starred Alistair Sim and was released in the U.S. as A Christmas Carol, was filmed at Nettlefold Studios, located at the time in Walton-on-Thames, a town in the ...

  9. Green For Danger (1946) - Turner Classic Movies › tcmdb › title

    Oct 01, 2007 · A Scotland Yard detective (Alastair Sim, who is best known for his 1951 performance as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol) investigates the crime, and winds up driving six suspects, including Trevor Howard as the anesthesiologist, to distraction with his peculiar crime-solving techniques. Writer-director Sidney Gilliat manages to mix froth ...

  10. A Christmas Carol: The Best and Worst Adaptations | Den of Geek › movies › a-christmas-carol-the

    Dec 13, 2019 · This film marked Mickey Mouse’s first appearance in cinemas for over 30 years, though his Bob Cratchit is an extremely minor role, with Scrooge McDuck’s Ebenezer Scrooge (it’s the part he ...

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