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    2 days ago · Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears: Ranger Roubideux 1989 Vytor: The Starfire Champion: Myzor, Chief Eldor 1991 The Little Engine That Could: Pete, The Cave 1994 The Story of Christmas: Ox 1997 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin: Eeyore: 1999 Seasons of Giving: Archive sound 2000 The Tigger Movie: 2001

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    4 days ago · Charles Dawson "Daws" Butler (November 16, 1916 – May 18, 1988) was an American voice actor. He worked mostly for the Hanna-Barbera animation production company where he originated the voices of many familiar characters, including Loopy De Loop, Wally Gator, Yogi Bear, Hokey Wolf, Elroy Jetson, Quick Draw McGraw, Baba Looey, Peter Potamus, Snagglepuss, and Huckleberry Hound

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    5 days ago · The blacked-out byline version appears at the end of Boomerang and DVD prints of Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears and Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf, overseas airings of the latter film have the next logo plastering this one, and it is cut from the Boomerang streaming service's print of the film while the Warner Archive DVD ...

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    3 days ago · The following is a list of major characters in The Jetsons, an American animated comic science fiction sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and first broadcast in prime-time on ABC as part of the 1962–63 United States network television schedule. Additional episodes were produced from 1985 to 1987 in syndication, with the same cast of ...

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    A man named Tsukamoto is stabbed to death with a bayonet inside a haunted cave attraction at a thriller park. Masaru Kirioka, a science journalist for the Toto Newspaper, gets to the scene before the police and finds a strange wire on the ground. Detective Okazaki of the Tokyo Police finds Kirioka snooping around the crime scene and takes him outside, then brings the witnesses into the cave to try and refresh their memory of the event. All of the witnesses state that they only saw the killer from behind, and that he promptly ran off down another tunnel. No other signs of the killer can be located, and the only leads detectives have to go by are a military I.D. tag and note found on Tsukamoto's body. The note cryptically instructs Tsukamoto to meet the writer in the Cave of Horror, in order to "learn what happened 14 years ago." In the office at the military cabaret Daihonei, the head of Hainan Trading, Masayoshi Onishi, meets with the club's proprietor Syogen Ryu to discuss Tsukamot...

    Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right. 1. Directed by Jun Fukuda 2. Written by Shinichi Sekizawa 3. Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka 4. Music by Sei Ikeno 5. Cinematography by Kazuo Yamada 6. Edited by Ichiji Taira 7. Production design by Kyoe Hamagami and Takeo Kita 8. Assistant directing by Taku Nagano 9. Special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya 10. Assistant Director of Special Effects Teruyoshi Nakano 11. Art Direction by Akira Watanabe 12. Special Effects Photography by Hidezaburo Araki 13. Lighting by Kuichiro Kishida 14. Matte Process by Hiroshi Mukoyama 15. Optical Photography by Shuzaburo Araki

    Actor's name on the left, character played on the right. 1. Koji Tsuruta as Masaru Kirioka, reporter for Toto Newspaperscience department 2. Yumi Shirakawaas Akiko Chujo, employee for Nippo Seiki Corporation sales department 3. Seizaburo Kawazu as Masayoshi Onishi, president of Hainan Trading 4. Yoshio Tsuchiyaas Chief Detective Okazaki 5. Tadao Nakamaru as Goro Nakamoto (Lance Corporal Sudo), the Telegian 6. Akihiko Hirataas Police Inspector Kobayashi 7. Takamaru Sasaki as Dr. Yoshiki Nikki, professor of electrical engineering 8. Yoshibumi Tajimaas Syogen Ryu, owner of the Daihonei cabaret 9. Fuyuki Murakami as Dr. Miura, professor of electrical engineering 10. Ikio Sawamura as Thriller show announcer 11. Sachio Sakai as Taki, construction contractor for Kofu 12. Shin Otomo as Tsukamoto, broker 13. Ren Yamamoto as Detective Morane 14. Fumindo Matsuo as Shimura, Toto Newspaperreporter 15. Kiyomi Mizunoya as Cottage manager 16. Tsuruko Mano as Old lady at the cottage, Genzo's wife 17...

    Electrical Transmission Human(literal Japanese title)
    The Secret of the Electric Man (O Segredo do Homem Elétrico; Brazil)
    The Telegian(alternate English title)
    The Electrical Facsimile(alternate English title)

    The Secret of the Telegian was dubbed into English by a company in Hong Kong, with a voice cast that included actor Ted Thomas voicing Detective Kobayashi. Editions of the Los Angeles Timesfrom July 19-23, 1961, list the film as playing in the Toho La Brea Theater, presumably in Japanese with English subtitles, as the English dubbed version bears a later 1963 copyright date. The North American theatrical distribution rights for The Secret of the Telegian were acquired by Herts-Lion International Corp. in 1964. Though Herts-Lion initially planned to release the film theatrically, it ultimately decided to simply release a black-and-white print of Toho's international English dubbed version of the film to television in 1964.

    TohoDVD (2005) 1. Region: 2 2. Discs: 1 3. Audio: Japanese 4. Subtitles: Japanese 5. Special Features: Audio commentary by Tadao Nakamaru, theatrical trailer, galleries of behind-the-scenes and promotional images, featurette with Koichi Kawakita, booklet Though The Secret of the Telegianis not available on Blu-ray, an HD version of the film can be rented or purchased on the Japanese versions of Amazon Video and iTunes.

    The Secret of the Telegian is the only entry in the Transforming Human Seriesto not receive a theatrical release in North America.
    Originally, Ishiro Honda was meant to direct this film, but he left the film to direct Battle in Outer Space, which had been delayed due to the production of The Three Treasures, instead. In his pl...

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    • Electrical Transmission Human (1960)
    • Tomoyuki Tanaka
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    6 days ago · Details about Pikachu - No. 58/102 87/130 Base Set WOTC card Vtg Miscut English - Pokemon 1999

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    5 days ago · Space Jam 太空也入樽: 1996 2002年4月28日重播 2004年5月26日重播 2007年11月3日重播 7月26日 明珠台: Jackie Brown 危險關係: 1997 7月27日 明珠台: Star Trek: First Contact 星空第一擊: 1996 2002年10月4日重播 7月28日 明珠台: The Nutty Professor 肥佬教授: 1996 2003年5月16日重播 8月1日 明珠台 ...

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    2 days ago · Jagannath is considered an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu. Others consider him equivalent to the Hindu metaphysical concept of Brahman, wherein he then is the Avatarī, i.e., the cause and equivalence of all avatars and the infinite existence in space and time. According to author Dipti Ray in Prataparudra Deva, the Suryavamsi King of Odisha:

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    3 days ago · Space Ghost is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. It first aired on CBS from September 10, 1966, to September 16, 1967, and continued reruns until September 7, 1968. The series was composed of two unrelated segments, Space Ghost and Dino Boy in the Lost Valley.

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    6 days ago · Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School was first released on VHS by Hanna-Barbera Home Video in 1989, and later it was re-released by Warner Home Video in March 2001. Warner Home Video released Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School on DVD in Region 1 on June 4, 2002. The film has also been released on DVD in Region 2. Legacy

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