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  1. Charles I of Hungary (The Kalmar Union) | Alternative History ...

    Charles I, Károly I, was the first King of Hungary from the Bezier dynasty and would strive to reunite the country after its long painful recovery from the Mongol invasions. Charles was born in 1274 to Charles I of Naples and Mary of Hungary; their first son. Charles Bezier had married Isabella of Naples then with Papal connivance forged his father-in-law's will and usurped his wife's kingdom ...

  2. Charles I of Hungary - Encyclopedia

    CHARLES I. (1288-1342), king of Hungary, the son of Charles Martell of Naples, and Clemencia, daughter of the emperor Rudolph, was known as Charles Robert previously to being enthroned king of Hungary in 1309. He claimed the Hungarian crown, as the grandson of Stephen V., under the banner of the pope, and in August 1300 proceeded from Naples to ...

  3. Charles I of Hungary - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Charles I of Hungary and Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor · See more » Charles Martel of Anjou. Charles Martel (Martell Károly; 8 September 1271 – 12 August 1295) of the Angevin dynasty was the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary,John V.A. Fine Jr., The Late Medieval Balkans, (The University of Michigan Press, 1994 ...

  4. Charles I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary Part III ...

    Aug 19, 2020 · Charles I-IV, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary The delegation went the next day to Budapest where it presented the manifesto to Hungarian officials and Council of Ministers who signed the manifesto and released the king from his oath, creating a third Croatian political entity (Zvonimir’s kingdom).

  5. Charles I of Austria - Wikipedia

    Charles was born on 17 August 1887, in the Castle of Persenbeug, in Lower Austria.His parents were Archduke Otto Franz of Austria and Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony.At the time, his great-uncle Franz Joseph reigned as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.

  6. First World - Who's Who - Emperor Karl I

    Emperor Karl I of Austria (1887-1922), known as Charles IV of Hungary) was Austria-Hungary's last emperor. Sponsored Links Born on 17 August 1887 in Persenbeug Castle, Austria, Karl was a grandnephew of the man he succeeded, the aging Emperor Franz Josef I .

  7. The stories of five Hungarian kings who ... - Daily News Hungary

    Mar 18, 2019 · Charles IV of Hungary (Reign: 1916–1918) Born on August 17, 1887, he was the last Emperor of Austria (Charles I) and King of Hungary . His coronation stands out of all the Austrian-Hungarian ceremonies because that was the first one when the Hungarian Anthem was sung and not the Imperial anthem.

  8. Kingdom of Hungary - Wikipedia

    The Kingdom of Hungary was a monarchy in Central Europe that existed from the Middle Ages into the 20th century (1000–1946 with the exception of 1918–1920). The Principality of Hungary emerged as a Christian kingdom upon the coronation of the first king Stephen I at Esztergom around the year 1000; his family (the Árpád dynasty) led the monarchy for 300 years.

  9. Stephen I | king of Hungary | Britannica

    Stephen I, ; canonized 1083; feast day August 16), first king of Hungary, who is considered to be the founder of the Hungarian state and one of the most-renowned figures in Hungarian history. Stephen was a member of the Árpád dynasty and son of the supreme Magyar chieftain Géza. He was born a pagan

  10. Mary of Hungary, Queen of Naples - geni family tree

    Nov 12, 2018 · Charles Martel was only titular King of Hungary, it was Maria's grandson who became King, Charles I of Hungary. Ultimately the claims of the sisters Mary and Catherine were united in a common descendant when the pair's great-great-granddaughter, Mary of Hungary, ascended to the Hungarian throne in 1382.

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