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      • The emperor Constantine I the Great (AD 307 - 337) was one of the greatest emperors of late Antiquity and he is perhaps most famous as the emperor who converted to Christianity. The fact that ten Byzantine emperors after him bore his name demonstrates his importance and the esteem in which he was held.
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  2. 2 hours ago · He was the last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire, and he believed that it was necessary to restore the Empire's ancient Roman values and traditions in order to save it from dissolution. [13] He purged the top-heavy state bureaucracy, and attempted to revive traditional Roman religious practices at the expense of Christianity.

  3. Aug 08, 2022 · Constantine the Great had it transported to his capital city of Constantinople, now known as İstanbul, to demonstrate his power as Byzantine Emperor. It still stands in the same location, where it used to be near Constantine's palace and now is just in front of the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Cami.

  4. According to ancient sources, it was built at the beginning of the fourth century, during the reign of Constantine I. It was burned during the Nika Revolt in 532, but Emperor Justinian I had ...

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