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  1. Visconti of Milan - Wikipedia

    Nine daughters (Taddea, Viridis, Valentina, Agnese, Antonia, Maddalena, Anglesia, Lucia, Elisabetta) married scions of other European dynasties, connecting the Visconti to the houses of Wittelsbach (Taddea, Maddalena, Elisabetta), Habsburg (Viridis), Poitiers-Lusignan (Valentina, Anglesia), Württemberg (Antonia), Gonzaga (Agnese), Kent (Lucia ...

  2. Isabeau of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Lineage and marriage. Isabeau's parents were Duke Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Taddea Visconti, whom he married for a 100,000 ducat dowry. She was most likely born in Munich where she was baptized as Elisabeth at the Church of Our Lady.

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    CAATE. Moses de COATE (1331? ; (CAATE) CAATHITES. Koath (Kohath Caath) ben LEVI; eponym of the CAATHITES . CABALDESTON. Margaret de OSBALDESTON; (CABALDESTON ?). CABALLERO. Garcia Alonso CABALLERO

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    [Ygerna TALIESINSDOTTIR, q.v.] (NN; Princess) of ALT CLUT; or: prob. not Ygerna TALIESINSDOTTIR, q.v.; (it is almost certain Aidan married a Briton; that she was a Princess of Alt Clut is conjectural)

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