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    Empedocles (Empedoklēs) was a native citizen of Akragas in Sicily. He came from a rich and noble family. Very little is known about his life. His grandfather, also called Empedoklēs, had won a victory in the horse-race at Olympia in [the 71st Olympiad] OL. LXXI (496–95 BC). His father's name, according to the best accounts, was Meton.. All that can be said to be known about the dates of ...

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    The revolt, which began in Larissa, soon expanded to Trikala and later northwards to the Byzantine-Bulgarian border. In 1199–1201 another unsuccessful revolt was led by Manuel Kamytzes, son-in-law of Byzantine emperor Alexios III Angelos, with the support of Dobromir Chrysos, the autonomous ruler of Prosek. Kamytzes managed to establish a ...

  3. Oct 28, 2019 · The Charadros river (today called the Xerias) ran past two sides of Argos. The site has been inhabited from prehistoric times (3000 BCE) up to the present day. Ancient Argos was built in the Late Bronze Age on two hills: Aspis and Larissa, 80 m (262 ft.) and 289 m (948 ft.) in height respectively.

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