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  1. The service bar is the little area on the side of the bar where bartenders make drinks and put them for servers to pick up and run to their tables in the dining room. Or at a cocktail table in the bar area. Point is, these are not drinks ordered directly from the bartender by guests, but by other restaurant and bar staff.

  2. Some of the best mixologists and bartenders around the world use bitters to give a certain, different kind of taste to alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails. Bitters do not necessarily exist to make cocktails taste more bitter than they normally are, but rather to give a different side to a drink's taste.

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  4. That's why most establishments that have one build it into a counter setup, placing it just a few steps away from bartenders during a rush. Beer coolers without a refrigeration system are found in convenience stores, large facilities with multiple serving stations, and poolside bars or other outdoor venues where electricity is scarce.

  5. Oct 11, 2021 · Top your drinks with whipped cream for a decadent dessert. This delectable garnish is best paired with dessert cocktails and frozen beverages that use liqueur as a base spirit. Ice cream drinks like pink squirrels and grasshoppers and hot cocktail recipes like Irish coffee or spiked cocoa would go exceptionally well with this. 18.

  6. The definition of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for liquor costs is the direct costs of everything attributable to what it takes to sell drinks. From an accounting perspective, the direct costs are not just the liquor, but mixers, garnishes, consumables (straws, cups, etc...), and anything else that is required directly to make and sell the drink.

  7. The pool, lounge chairs, and gardens were well maintained. There is no swim-up bar if that’s your thing. Extremely high marks for using paper straws and NOT serving drinks in disposable plastic cups! Other hotels up and down the beach continue this horrible practice and you’ll find cups and straws littering the beach. Reminder to bring your ...

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