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  1. Apr 13, 2017 · So Telltale doesn't own the rights, Disney/Lucas owns the rights, so they would have to agree to this, which seems likely, as Hit the Road was in the first batch of LucasArts games that hit GOG, but the real problem is getting Sam and Max creator Steve Purcell on board.

  2. In March 2004, however, quite far into the game's development, Sam & Max: Freelance Police was abruptly cancelled by LucasArts, citing "current market place realities and underlying economic considerations" in a short press release. [43]

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  4. A long-awaited sequel to Sam & Max Hit the Road was announced by LucasArts in 2002, but in March of 2004 the project was unceremoniously canceled. Fans were incensed, as were several members of the LucasArts team, who left to found their own game company: Telltale Games. In 2005, Telltale announced they would be working with Steve Purcell to ...

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    Sam & Max began life as a comic strip by Steve Purcell, which chronicled the many misadventures of Freelance Police officers Sam, a six-foot-tall brown anthropomorphic dog with a grey suit and fedora, and Max, a three-foot-tall white rabbit with no clothes. In 1992, being an employee of LucasArts at the time, Purcell approached LucasArts to develop...

    Over the course of its development, LucasArts gave the game as much media as they could for an adventure game in a declining adventure game market. An E3 2003 trailer (see below) confirmed that Sam and Max's original voice actors Bill Farmer (the then and now the voice of Goofy) and Nick Jameson (who voiced Palpatine in Star Wars: Clone Wars) were ...

    As for Freelance Policeitself, the chances of it getting an official release anytime soon are between slim and none. It is possible that enough of the game was completed to warrant a release, seeing as the game was cancelled right around the time it was supposed to be released; that and the fact that quite a selection of gameplay screenshots and an...


    1. A screenshot of Sam & Max: Freelance Police(1/4). 2. A screenshot of Sam & Max: Freelance Police(2/4). 3. A screenshot of Sam & Max: Freelance Police(3/4). 4. A screenshot of Sam & Max: Freelance Police(4/4).

  5. Unfortunately it was the one game where I couldn't get the dialogue sound to work - it was a corrupt .bat file, or something like that. However it blew my mind when I discovered that I could play all the music tracks on my cd player. [deleted] • 4 yr. ago Mad love for Sam and Max! I was probably about... 12ish when this game came out.

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