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  1. Wiesbadener Programm - Wikipedia

    The Wiesbadener Programm (Wiesbaden program) is a program for Protestant church architecture developed in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, Germany, in the late 19th century. It contradicted an older Eisenacher Regulativ [ de ] (Eisenach rule) from 1861 which demanded that new church buildings had to follow Romanesque Revival style or Gothic ...

  2. United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa

    5 days ago · The command consisted of 485 aircraft, with the 60th and 61st Troop Carrier Groups at Rhein-Main and Wiesbaden Air Bases near Frankfurt, both flying C-47s. The only other flying unit was the 86th Fighter Group at Neubiberg Air Base near Munich , with P-47s, which had been activated on 1 July 1948.

  3. Frankfurt - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Frankfurt's third long-distance station is Frankfurt South station (Frankfurt Südbahnhof, often abbreviated as Frankfurt (Main) Süd or F-Süd), located in Sachsenhausen. It is an important destination for local trains and trams (lines 14 to 16, 19) and the terminal stop for four U-Bahn lines (U1, U2, U3, U8) and four S-Bahn lines (S3, S4, S5 ...

  4. Wiesbaden - Wikidata

    6 days ago · Italian Wikipedia. official name. Wiesbaden (German) 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. ... Wiesbaden. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. German ...

  5. Germany - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Germany is a member of NATO, the OECD, the G8, the G20, the World Bank and the IMF. It has played an influential role in the European Union since its inception and has maintained a strong alliance with France and all neighbouring countries since 1990. Germany promotes the creation of a more unified European political, economic and security ...

  6. Висбаден – УикипедияВисбаден

    4 days ago · Висбаден (на немски: Wiesbaden) е град в Германия, център на провинция Хесен.Разположен е на източния бряг на река Рейн, която е и западната граница на града и провинцията, разделяща ги от провинция Райнланд-Пфалц

  7. Wiesbadener Kreuz - Wikipedia

    Aug 05, 2020 · Met het gereedkomen van het 3,5 kilometer lange gedeelte tot aan Weilbach in 1951 was de afrit Wiesbaden als volledig Wiesbadener Kreuz in gebruik. Vanaf 1954 begon de ombouw van de B54 als vieerbaans autoweg, de huidige A66 , de Rhein-Main-Schnellweg .

  8. Ingolstadt is a city in the German state of Bavaria near Munich.It is on the Danube river and has about 127,000 inhabitants.. History. In 1472, Bavaria's first university was founded in Ingolstadt.

  9. be - Wiktionary

    5 days ago · (intransitive, now literary) To exist; to have real existence, to be alive. 1526, Bible, tr. William Tyndale, Matthew 2: Rachel wepynge ffor her chyldren, and wolde nott be ...

  10. 米海爾·普塞洛斯 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书米海爾·普塞洛斯

    3 days ago · E. Pietsch: Die "Chronographia" des Michael Psellos: Kaisergeschichte, Autobiographie und Apologie, Wiesbaden 2005. S. Papaioannou, Michael Psellos: Rhetoric and Authorship in Byzantium, Cambridge 2013. F. Lauritzen, Depiction of Character in the Chronographia of Michael Psellos, Turnhout 2013.