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  1. Apr 21, 2023 · Wikisource – The Free Library – is a Wikimedia Foundation project to create a growing free content online library of source texts, as well as translations of source texts in any language. This page attempts to define what Wikisource is, what it is not, and what distinguishes it from other Wikimedia projects.

  2. Feb 6, 2024 · On Books and Reading, by Arthur Schopenhauer, translated by Thomas Bailey Saunders. On Books and the Housing of Them, 1898 by William Ewart Gladstone. The First Writing-machines, by Mark Twain.

  3. Dec 20, 2021 · Wikisource is a Free Library of source texts which are in the public domain or legally available for free redistribution. Wikisource is an official project of the Wikimedia Foundation and a sister project of Wikipedia , The Free Encyclopedia .

  4. Dec 7, 2023 · Wikisource La biblioteca libre et: Eesti Vikitekstid Avatud Raamatukogu eu: Euskara Wikiteka Liburutegi askea fa: فارسی ویکی‌نبشته کتابخانهٔ آزاد fi: Suomi Wikiaineisto Vapaa kirjasto fo: Føroyskt Wikisource Hitt frælsa bókasavnið fr: Français Wikisource La bibliothèque libre frr: ‡ Nordfriisk Wikisource At ...

  5. May 7, 2023 · Wikisource, as the free library that anyone can improve, exists to archive the free artistic and intellectual works created throughout history, and to present these publications in a faithful wiki version so that anyone may contribute added value to the collection. This page outlines the policy used to determine whether or not particular works ...

  6. Feb 24, 2020 · In most cases, distinguishing between content appropriate to Wikisource and Wikibooks is relatively easy: Wikisource is a collection of public domain texts that have already been published elsewhere in the past. Most of the texts at Wikisource are old books whose copyright has expired.

  7. Dec 8, 2023 · Wikisource is a Wikimedia project to build a library of free texts. Initially called "Project Sourceberg" when it began in 2003 (a play on the already existing non-Wikimedia project with similar goals, Project Gutenberg ), it branched into subdivisions for individual languages by 2005. Now Wikisource libraries house books, novels, essays ...

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