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    Apr 15, 2022 · Wikiversity is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. It is a centre for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. We host free education resources and scholarly projects. We also aim at interacting with other Wikimedia projects and support their content developments.

  2. Nov 9, 2022 · Wikiversity is a site for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. The mission of Wikiversity is to empower people to achieve their educational goals using resources produced by the free culture movement. The goal is to create a community of people on Wikiversity who support each other in their educational endeavors.

  3. Nov 11, 2022 · A Guide to Wikiversity Content. This page offers a reasonably comprehensive guide to categorized Wikiversity content type, which can include courses, learning projects, research, and more. The lists here are mainly generated dynamically (automatically) and provide multiple alternative navigation pathways. Wikiversity users are diverse, so no single exploration path is adequate.

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    Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities. It differs from Wikipedia in that it offers tutorials and other materials for the fostering of learning, rather than an encyclopedia; like Wikipedia, it is available in many languages. One element of Wikiversity is a set of WikiJournals which publish peer-reviewed articles in a stable, indexed, and citable format comparable with academic journals; these can be cop

  5. Sep 9, 2022 · The first requirement for eligibility to vote in any election is that you must be logged in. If not logged in, you cannot vote. For most registered users, eligibility to vote requires a history of good edits, available only to registered users who log in and generate proof of good faith through such a history. If you create an account, login to your account, and do good work on Wikiversity, in time you will become eligible to vote in elections held by Wikiversity and other members of the ...

  6. Jan 19, 2023 · Wikiversity:School and university projects; Wikiversity:School and university projects/List of projects; School of Media Design and Information technology; Screenwriting; Seeking True Beliefs; Ship resistance; Signals and systems; Social psychology (psychology) Socratic Logic; Socratic Methods; Special relativity and steps towards general relativity

  7. Jan 25, 2023 · Copy and paste the code above into one of the following free online development environments or use your own Rust compiler / interpreter / IDE. CodeChef. GDB Online. Ideone. paiza.IO. RexTester.

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