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  1. William H. H. Morris Jr. Lieutenant General William Henry Harrison Morris Jr. (March 22, 1890 – March 30, 1971) was a senior United States Army officer who fought in both World War I and World War II . Contents 1 Early life and military career 2 Between the wars 3 World War II 4 Postwar 5 Awards and decorations

  2. William H. Morris William Hopkins Morris (April 22, 1827 – August 26, 1900) was an American soldier, an officer in the United States Army, author, editor, and inventor. He served as a brigadier general of volunteers in the Union Army during the American Civil War . Contents 1 Military training and early service 2 Civilian life 3 Civil War

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  4. William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was a British textile designer, poet, artist, novelist, architectural conservationist, printer, translator and socialist activist associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement. He was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production.

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    Early life and military career

    William Morris was born in the Ocean Grove section of Neptune Township, New Jersey on March 22, 1890. After graduating from grammar school and high school he was appointed by Congressman Benjamin Franklin Howell to the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York in 1907, graduating in June 1911 alongside John P. Lucas, Frederick Gilbreath, Charles P. Hall, Joseph Cowles Mehaffey, John Homer, Paul W. Baade, Ira T. Wyche, and numerous others who wou

    Lieutenant General Morris (third from left) with other Department of Defense officials and military officers.

    William Morris's awards and decorations included the Distinguished Service Cross, Army Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

    For extraordinary heroism in action near Villers-devant-Dun, France, November 1, 1918. During darkness he led his battalion in an attack under heavy artillery and machine-gun fire. Upon reaching a hill he exposed himself to heavy fire to reconnoiter personally the enemy position, and then, although wounded by a machine-gun bullet, heroically led his battalion in their advance, refusing to be evacuated, inspiring his men by his personal courage.

    Name: Morris, William H.H. Jr. Rank: Major, U.S. Ar





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    ↑ Fifth Army History • Race to the Alps, Chapter VI: Conclusion "4 May; the Reconnaissance Troop, 349th Infantry th Division], met troops from rd Infantry Division] VI Corps of Seventh Army at 1051 at Vipiteno, 9 miles south of B

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    Growl of the Tiger: 10th Armored Tiger Division. 1995. Dean M. Chapman. (Memoir of author's role as Gen. Morris' aide during World War II.)

    A Tiger's Tale Of a Born Loser. 2003. Ralph Spencer. (Memoir of author's service in 10th Armored Division during World War II.)

    • Military Training and Early Service
    • Civilian Life
    • Civil War
    • Later Life and Death
    • References

    Morris was born on April 22, 1827, in New York City to Mary and George Pope Morris. He was appointed as a cadet in the United States Military Academy at West PointJuly 1, 1846. Morris graduated 27th out of 42 cadets in the class of 1851. Morris was promoted to brevet second lieutenant in the 2nd U. S. Infantry Regiment and served initially on garri...

    After leaving the Army, he returned to New York in 1854 and assisted his father George as the Assistant Editor of the New York Home Journal. Morris and Charles L. Brown are credited with a patent for an improved firearm with a conical cylinder holding 8 cartridgeswhich was patented in 1860.

    In August, 1861, Morris re-enlisted in the Army as a captain of volunteers. He served on the staff of Brigadier General John J. Peck as Assistant Adjutant General of Peck's brigade during the Peninsula Campaign and from June 24, 1862, to September 1, 1862, as assistant adjutant general of Division 2, IV Corps, Army of the Potomac, after Peck was ap...

    After the war Morris lived on his estate, Briarcliff, in Putnam County, New York. He edited the New York Home Journal. He also served at the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York, as a delegate for Putnam County in 1866. Like his father, he continued to serve in the New York State Militia, as the Chief of Ordnance of the State of New Y...

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    Morris, William H. (1865). Infantry Tactics. 2. New York, NY.: D. Van Nostrand.
  5. Aug 16, 2022 · Lieutenant General William Henry Harrison Morris Jr. (March 22, 1890 – March 30, 1971) was a senior United States Army officer who fought in both World War I and World War II.

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