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  1. The Rise and Fall of William J. Sidis • Damn Interesting › the-rise-and-fall-of

    William James Sidis’ failure to employ his talents toward practical good was inevitable. His parents’ lack of spiritual dimension caused them to neglect the other important parts of being human. We are so much more than simply a brain being carried around inside a body.

  2. Jew or Not Jew: William James Sidis › profile

    To these parents, we tell the story of William James Sidis. Young William DID read the New York Times at 18 months. By the age of eight, he taught himself eight languages. He entered Harvard at 11, graduated at 16, and became a professor at 17.

  3. william james sidis is among the smartest people in the world; According to some, he is the smartest person in the world. Issu is around 300. He was born to a Jewish family who migrated from Russia to the USA. He was born on April 1, 1898, when he is six months old, he is noticed by his mother that he can say some words.

  4. William James Sidis: biography and photos › novosti-i-obschestvo › 77042

    William James Sidis spent his childhood on books and, being deprived of communication with peers, grew up as a sociophobe, eschewing people. As a result, he lived a life as a hermit, without friends and bright events, he could not create a family, and in general it is difficult to call him a happy man.

  5. The Animate and the Inanimate by William James Sidis ... › 2020/01/04 › the-animate-and

    Jan 04, 2020 · The Animate and the Inanimate by William James Sidis. This slight 136-page work from 1925 is one of the few to feature its author’s real name—William James Sidis (1898-1944). It’s a name unfamiliar to pretty much most people, but the American was a child prodigy and super genius. Some suggest he was the smartest man in history.

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    William James Sidis (April 1, 1898 – July 17, 1944) was an American child prodigy with exceptional mathematical and linguistic abilities. He first became famous for his precocity, and later for his eccentricity and withdrawal from the public eye.

  7. US1784117A - William james sidis - Google Patents › patent › US1784117

    US1784117A - William james sidis - Google Patents William james sidis . Download PDF Info Publication number US1784117A. US1784117A US1784117DA US1784117A US 1784117 ...

  8. William James Sidis nació el 1 de abril de 1898 en Nueva York. Su padre, Boris Sidis, nacido en Ucrania y de ascendencia judía, era un prestigioso psiquiatra. Su madre, Sarah Mandelbaum, era ...

  9. William James Sidis: la triste vida del hombre más ... › viva › william-james-sidis-triste

    William James Sidis tenía 300. Hay dudas al respecto, debates que a sesenta años de su muerte perduran; pero todo indicaría que fue la persona más inteligente en pasar por la Tierra . ¿Fue el ...

  10. How to pronounce William James Sidis - › word › william_james_sidis

    Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce William James Sidis in English with native pronunciation. William James Sidis translation and audio pronunciation

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