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  1. The Wright Brothers were kite enthusiasts and they used the kite flights in the same way that modern engineers use wind tunnels and flight testing to try out their ideas concerning flight control. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina was chosen for their early flight experiments because its consistent high winds off the ocean are perfect for kite flying.

  2. They Taught the World to Fly! Wind, sand, and a dream of flight brought Wilbur and Orville Wright to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where, after four years of scientific experimentation, they achieved the first successful airplane flights on December 17, 1903.

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  4. 1900 Wright Van Cleve Bicycle Catalogue – A 12-page catalogue, written and produced by the Wright brothers, explaining the virtues of their built-to-order bicycles. The catalogue was printed in the Wrights' print shop, just across the street from the Wright bicycle shop.

  5. The Wright brothers patent war centers on the patent they received for their method of airplane flight control. The Wright brothers were two Americans who are widely credited with inventing and building the world's first flyable airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight on December 17, 1903.

  6. The Wright brothers didn’t just fly the first piloted engine-powered airplane—they created a whole new way for us to explore our world. It’s a chilly, breezy day in December 1903. Wilbur Wright stands on the beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, staring at the sky above him. Soaring overhead in an airplane is his brother Orville—he’s ...

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